Jamie Lynn Spears will reunite with her Zoey 101 co-stars on an upcoming episode of the new All That on Nickelodeon. Prior to appearing on Zoey 101, Spears had regularly appeared on the original All That series. One of her most popular characters was Thelma Stump, and it's now being reported Spears will reprise the role for a sketch on the rebooted All That in an episode set to air early next year. However, the sketch will be more than just a return to All That for Spears, as several of her co-stars from another Nickelodeon series will be performing alongside her.

As seen in a photo of the reunion posted to social media, Spears' Zoey 101 co-stars Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders, and Matthew Underwood will also be appearing in the skit. According to Entertainment Weekly, they'll be dressed as security guards, coinciding with the Thelma Stump character's profession. For anyone unaware, Thelma "worked" as the security guard for the show, often seen harassing guest stars or cast members to prevent them from entering the greenroom. She was also known for her obsession with bacon, which will more than likely come into play for the upcoming All That sketch.

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Created by Dan Schneider, Zoey 101 first began airing on the Nickelodeon network in 2005. It followed teenager Zoey Brooks (Spears) and her friends who attend the fictional Pacific Coast Academy. By the time the series wrapped in 2008, it had aired 61 episodes across four seasons, finding great success along the way. The series was one of the highest-rated shows for Nickelodeon in the 2000s and had received prestigious nominations at the Kids' Choice Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. For her part, Spears managed to score a Favorite TV Actress win at the 2006 Kids' Choice Awards.

This won't be the first reunion for the cast of Zoey 101, as some of the gang previously got back together in 2015 to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary of the airing of the second season episode "Time Capsule." On TeenNick, a clip aired of of Chase (Flynn) and Michael (Massey) opening the time capsule they had buried 10 years prior. The video suggests Zoey and Chase have since broken up, and the clip ends with Chase realizing he is still in love with her and embarking on a mission to find her. Unfortunately, Spears was not featured in the video, and the storyline cliffhanger introduced by the short has never been resolved. Could this be the setup for a reunion special?

New episodes of All That air Saturday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon. The sketch with Spears and the Zoey 101 cast will air sometime in early 2020. Talk about nostalgia overload for big Nickelodeon fans, because updated versions of other classic shows like Rugrats are also on the way. You can see a photo of the cast reunion below, courtesy of Nickelodeon on Twitter. This news comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.