Your Honor has officially gotten the order for a second season. Developed as a 10-episode limited series by Peter Moffat, Your Honor stars Emmy-winning actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as a judge who's faced with skirting the law to keep his son safe. The show debuted on Showtime in December 2020, and after what must have been some careful consideration, the network officially renewed the series for season 2.

"We were blown away by Your Honor ... by the power of Peter's storytelling, by the depth of Bryan's performance, and by the overwhelming reaction from our subscribers who watched in record numbers," said Gary Levine, co-president of entertainment for Showtime, in a statement. "Imagine our delight when we learned that Peter believed he had more story to tell and Bryan felt he had more depths to plumb. So, along with its millions of fans, I am gleefully shouting 'Encore!'"
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Season 2 of Your Honor will bring back lead star Bryan Cranston as New Orleans judge Michael Desiato. The show will pick up after the events of season 1, with Michael's son getting involved in a fatal car accident leaving the son of a crime syndicate dead. To help keep his son safe, Michael attempts to keep the crime hidden from both the law and the criminals seeking vengeance. The show has given Cranston another chance to shine following his remarkable run on Breaking Bad.

Of course, Cranston might be best known for his Breaking Bad role as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to producing crystal meth as a way to pay his medical bills following a cancer diagnosis. He won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy Award on four separate occasions for the role. He had previously been famous for his starring role as Hal on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Cranston has also appeared in movies like Little Miss Sunshine, Godzilla, and The Disaster Artist.

"Whenever there's a character who is facing an emotional, ethical dilemma, it draws me in," Cranston previously told Entertainment Weekly of doing Your Honor. "And with this dramatic construct of having your son make a mistake and panic and leave the scene of an accident, which results in a death, is disturbing and very, very possible. You go, 'Yeah, I think under stress and shock, you could make a mistake like that.' That possibility lends itself to some really terrific drama."

He added: "Anytime that something is well-constructed, as this series is, it's easier for the actor to find themselves in a position of compassion and empathy for their character, and that's from an objective viewpoint. And once you sign on and you start to get subjective about it, you have faith that what you initially felt is what the audience will ultimately feel as well."

Season 2 of Your Honor will also consist of ten episodes, just like the first. It will begin filming next year with plans to debut in 2022. Time will tell if the show ends up going as long as Breaking Bad or Malcolm in the Middle, but Cranston's fans are certainly hooked. This news comes to us from Variety.