We haven't heard any details on Young Justice season 4 recently but that all changed at DC FanDome. DC is putting on the second day of its massive online fan convention today and the cast and producers behind the beloved animated series were on hand for a live reading. But they also brought with them the official title and some new details for the upcoming season.

Executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti were on hand for the DC FanDome panel alongside cast members Jason Spisak, Khary Payton, Stephanie Lemelin, Nolan North, Denise Boutte, Danica McKellar and Crispin Freeman. After the live reading, Vietti was asked if season 4 had an official title yet. At which point, he confirmed that it does, and it is Phantoms.

"Our fourth season is officially titled Young Justice: Phantoms."

A new logo featuring the title was also revealed. Season 3, which revived the long-dormant series at the DC Universe streaming service, was titled Outsiders. Unfortunately, they didn't dive into what exactly the title means for the new season. Producer Greg Weisman, however, did explain how the current shutdown in Hollywood has affected production. Even though things have changed, they are still on track. Here's what Weisman had to say.

"It has and it hasn't. We're all working from home. For the most part, when it comes to the pre-production, the script writing, the storyboards, design work, we've successfully transitioned to working at home. It's not quite as much fun to not be in the office and have everyone together. We used to record everyone together, as much as possible, in a room. Every once in a while there was someone who couldn't make a season. That obviously has changed. Everyone is mostly recording, one at a time... But the fact is that we're all pretty lucky working on the show. We're employed. Everyone working on the show is healthy. Really can't complain."

For now, they are keeping quiet on the plot details. But when asked if any female members of the Justice League will be popping by this season, Greg Weisman revealed that Rocket will be part of the happenings. Though the story will still be primarily focused on our young heroes.

"We definitely have a lot of content with our female cast. I don't know specifically about the Justice League. The Justice League has never been the focus of this show, it's always been on the younger heroes. There are some of the female Justice League members in there. In particular, Rocket... You'll see some Leaguers because they're part of the original cast who graduated up. We don't focus on the League's activity so much as we focus on our characters' activities."

There is still no word on a premiere date for Young Justice: Phantoms. The show will likely be changing platforms as most of the content that was on DC Universe has been making its way to HBO Max. You can check out the full panel from the official DCFanDome.com website.

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