With less than a month before The X-Files returns for Season 11, a new trailer has been released, which teases a potentially violent showdown between Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Walter Skinner. The brief preview reveals Mulder and Scully (Gillian Anderson) approaching Skinner in a parking garage, with Scully revealing that they need his help, even though they don't trust him. The opening moments of this preview also shows Mulder and Scully arriving at a cabin in the woods, along with a brief shot of an iconic "I Want to Believe" poster.

While we don't necessarily learn what kind of help Mulder and Scully need from Skinner, it's clear he's not too thrilled to see them either. The preview also has a number of brief scenes, including one where Scully is talking on the phone, stating that she has to, "find our son." There are also scenes with Skinner in a car with the iconic Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), along with perhaps the most intriguing shot of the trailer, that finds Mulder having to be separated from Skinner, asking his former boss, "Who's side are you on?"

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The trailer ends with an extreme close-up of Scully opening her eyes, Mulder asking her, "Tell me what you saw." It seems likely that this ties into Season 10 finale, which ended with Scully looking up as an alien ship descends upon her. One of the first X-Files Season 11 photos featured Mulder sitting at Scully's bedside, and it's possible that he could be asking her what she saw while Scully rests in the hospital. What in fact she did see likely won't be revealed until the season premiere next month, but hopefully we'll get some clues, in the form of new photos, clips or trailers between now and then.

Also returning from Season 10 are FBI agents Miller and Einstein, portrayed by Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose. It was also revealed in August that this season will feature Barbara Hershey, playing the recurring character of Erika Price, who is only described as a "powerful figure who represents a mysterious organization." It remains to be seen how many episodes she will be featured in this season, but it's worth noting that this season was increased from six episodes in Season 10 to 10 episodes in Season 11. However, it seems possible that this season may in fact be the last, despite the widespread popularity of Season 10.

Back in October, Gillian Anderson revealed in a new interview that she's done with X-Files after Season 11, and that the only reason she came back is that Season 10 didn't feel like it had a definitive ending. The actress wouldn't reveal much about the ending for Season 11, but she seemed rather confident that this season would be her last. It seems unlikely that Fox would consider trying another season without Scully, but nothing has been confirmed about the future of this hit show quite yet. While we wait for more details on The X-Files Season 11 and beyond, take a look at this new video, courtesy of The X-Files YouTube.