In an age when virtually everything we once loved, from seemingly not even all that long ago, is coming back, it was nice to see The X-Files return with the original team back on board. Dana Scully and Fox Mulder arrived back on Fox this past January for a brief six-episode season, and it did well enough for the network to consider making more episodes. The only problem may be getting the stars of the show back on the same page for even more episodes.

In a recent interview with Deadline, both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were interviewed and The X-Files came up. Somewhat surprisingly, when the prospect of a season 11 arose, Anderson revealed that she hasn't been approached about doing any more episodes of the show. Here is what she had to say.

"I'm open to the conversation, though they haven't come to us yet. I have no clue when they're going to. I'm getting on with the rest of my life and I'm booking other jobs, so if it is indeed something that they would like to continue, then that conversation will need to be had. And I have no idea when that will be able to take place at this juncture."
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Fans of the recent X-Files reunion aren't likely thrilled at Anderson's statements. Not only does she say that they haven't talked to her about it, but she doesn't seem thrilled about the prospect. At best she is open to it, but it certainly doesn't appear to be a top priority for her. Duchovny also appeared a bit hesitant when the prospect of committing to another run of the revival series, but his tone was slightly more optimistic. Here is what he had to say.

"I'm pausing, and I don't know why I'm pausing. I guess what we found with this season was that it's possible to still get it. It doesn't not work. And then the question becomes, if we were going to move on, how do we make it work even better? That's a question we'd want to ask."

Other people behind The X-Files revival seemed much more confident and gung-ho about the idea of continuing on with it. Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden spoke last month about the idea saying that conversations had taken place with Anderson, Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter. That appears to maybe not be the case though, at least with the stars. Carter seemed very optimistic about the idea of doing more back in February.

"I can't imagine, with the ratings that we've got and the way we ended this season, that there won't be more X-Files. They will find a way to get that done. Because I spoke about it briefly with Dana Walden... so there's an appetite there and... a chance certainly to find how we're gonna get ourselves off this precipice."

The original run of The X-Files has often been listed among the greatest TV shows ever created and many big names in the business today got their start on that show, including Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. The ratings for the revival series were through the roof, at one point even surpassing that of the original series finale. And it ended on a /x-files-2016-finale-cliffhanger-new-movie/cliffhanger! So, it makes sense that Fox would want to continue on with it if they get the chance. Be sure to stay tuned as we will keep you updated when more news about a season 11 of The X-Files breaks.

Ryan Scott at TVweb
Ryan Scott