Season 11 of The X-Files has debuted on Fox and the season debut certainly has audiences talking. Fans of the sci-fi series, which has been enjoying a very successful revival, may want to enjoy it while they can, because there's a good chance this could be the final season of the show. Or, at the very least, the version we would get if it were to continue wouldn't be nearly as authentic. What would The X-Files be without Gillian Anderson as Scully or creator Chris Carter? That's what we would figure out, if the show were to movie forward.

Need not worry, there will be no spoilers for The X-Files season 11 ahead. So if you're still waiting to watch the season premiere, you're safe. Gillian Anderson has made it clear that, no matter what happens during The X-Files Season 11, this is going to be her last go as Agent Dana Scully. Here's what she had to say about it in an interview from December.

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"I've said from the beginning this is it for me. I was a bit surprised by people's [shocked] reaction to my announcement . . . because my understanding was that this was a single season."

She hasn't relented from that since and that means, if The X-Files season 12 happens, it would definitely be without Gillian Anderson. X-Files creator Chris Carter was asked recently in an interview if he would continue the series without Anderson back as Scully and was quite clear. "I wouldn't. For me, The X-Files is Mulder and Scully. I think if it were without Scully, I wouldn't do it. That's not my X-Files," he said. He also reiterated these comments in a recent Reddit AMA.

"For me, the show has always been Mulder and Scully. So the idea of doing the show without her isn't something I've ever had to consider."

So where does that leave the future of The X-Files? Ultimately, it's up to Fox to decide whether or not to make another season of the show. Would the network continue on without Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson? They soldiered on without David Duchovny in later seasons of The X-Files' original run. So they certainly could.

As it stands, we can't say for certain whether or not The X-Files season 11 will be the final season of the show, but it looks like it's leaning that way. Would David Duchovny really come back if Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson don't? In any case, in his interview with Collider, Carter makes it pretty clear he won't be involved. However, it does sound like Scully will get her due, as he said, "I think you will want to sit down and watch the [season] finale very carefully," when asked by a fan during the Reddit AMA if she'll get a "proper goodbye." The X-Files season 11 returns for a new episode Wednesday, January 10 on Fox.