Hulu has dropped the official trailer for their upcoming Wu-Tang: An American Saga series. The new show is co-produced by RZA and is inspired by his philosophy books The Wu-Tang Manual and Tao of Wu. Additionally, the show is supposed to be like a scripted version of the recent Showtime documentary on the group, Of Mics and Men. However, Wu-Tang: An American Saga isn't afraid to bend and stretch the truth to make for a more entertaining viewing experience.

The Wu-Tang: An American Saga series definitely stays true to the gear RZAwas using to produce those dusty tracks. The iconic E-MU SP-1200 sampler is front and center as Ashton Sanders' RZA gets his start. The real-life story of the band is shocking and explosive enough for a TV show, or at least to hold attention for hours in the recently released documentary. Alex Tse says they refer to the show as "historical fiction." Tse went on and had this to say.

"So, there are things in it that actually happened, there are versions of events, some moving around the timeline - but spiritually it's very truthful and accurate."

RZA takes a different approach when describing Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Some fans of the group may be a little bothered about the changing of history, but if they're looking for a more realistic view of how it went all went down, they can watch the four-hour Of Mics and Men documentary. When addressing what might be messed with in terms of the facts, RZA described it in terms of concentrated grape juice. He explains.

"You condense the moments... It's like concentrated grape juice. Let the audience (bring) water to it... You'll be able to balance what's reality and what ain't,"

The Wu-Tang: An American Saga series stars Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Dave East, Siddiq Saunderson, Marcus Callender, Julian Elijah Martinez, Zolee Griggs, Erika Alexander, TJ Atoms, and Johnell Young. RZA and Method Man produce with their fellow Wu-Tang members Ghostface Killa, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa and GZA serving as consulting producers on the project, along with the estate of Ol' Dirty Bastard. The show is all set to premiere September 4th, exclusively on Hulu with the first three episodes releasing first.


One of the biggest gripes about the Of Mics and Men documentary is that it didn't go deep enough into the group's early disagreements over the business practices of RZA. There are plenty of interviews with Wu-Tang over the years where they're all pretty critical of RZA in the early days, so maybe the show will delve a bit more into that dramatic element. With that being said, the documentary is excellent and a must-watch for any Wu-Tang fans. Wu-Tang: An American Saga seems like the same amount of care went into producing as the documentary. You can check out the trailer below, thanks to the Hulu Youtube channel.