If you've been missing Comedy Central's Workaholics, the wait is almost over as Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Adam DeVine are set to return this summer with twenty all-new episodes starting May 29th.

The guys hit SXSW this past weekend for a giant house party that was free to all in the area. We have footage from the party for you to check out, along with some new information about Workaholics highly anticipated return.

The guys are a bit hesitant to reveal anything too big about Workaholics Season 3, but Blake Anderson does promise we will see the parents of each housemate before this upcoming run is through.

" We don't have them cast yet. Sometimes in the past we've written with someone in mind, but when we get there we find out they have their own show, or they're busy with something else. But I can say with certainty: Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise and Tom Berenger [are all being considered]."

Blake also talked about the production schedule being a bit different than last year.

"We are about to start filming the season in two weeks and have been writing for the last couple of months. We have to write 20 [episodes] this time, so it's kind of like a heavier load than before, and we're about halfway through."

Anders Holm added the following.

"They're all equally powerful episodes. All 20 are 10 out of 10. Even the ones we haven't written yet. I know they're going to be brilliant."

Another major plot revealed: TeleAmeriCorp is set to go on a work retreat sometime in 2012. The guys are also currently planning to do a movie together, and are toying around with the idea of doing an animated series. Perhaps based on their hip-hop crew The Wizards? Who wouldn't want to watch that?