The comedy series Workaholics premiered on Comedy Central ten years ago today, and star Adam DeVine has joined fans everywhere in celebrating the occasion online. Between 2011 and 2017, DeVine starred alongside Blake Anderson and Anders Holm in the popular series for seven seasons. Along with director and co-creator Kyle Newacheck, the group will return for an upcoming Workaholics movie for Paramount+.

Looking back to where it all began, the official Twitter account for Workaholics posted a tweet commemorating the 10th anniversary of the show's premiere. Encouraging fans to share their fondest memories of the series, the tweet reads: "10 years ago today, Workaholics premiered on @comedycentral, and we're getting weird! Tell us your all-time favorite Workaholics moments and we'll be sharing them all day."


One person who was quick to respond to the tweet was Adam DeVine, who seems to be stunned that it's already been a decade since Adam and the others had to pass a surprise drug test in the show's first episode. DeVine writes: "I absolutely cannot believe it's been 10 YEARS since the premiere of #Workaholics! Wow. Thank you to everyone that has ever watched. Even your judgmental aunt who def didn't approve. THANK YOU!"

Many fans have been tweeting out some of their favorite moments as well. One fan writes, "The Office Campout episode was the first episode I ever watched and got me immediately hooked. Those first two seasons were just flawless."


"Front Yard Wrestling for sure," another fan responds, referring to a pro-wrestling-themed episode with the guys performing in a makeshift ring in their front yard.

Workaholics starred DeVine, Anderson, and Holm as a trio of college dropouts who share a home and a job at a telemarketing company. The friends spend the majority of their time reliving their college partying days, which includes a lot of smoking pot and pulling pranks. Primary director Kyle Newacheck also recurred as Karl Hevachek, and other cast members included Jillian Bell, Maribeth Monroe, Erik Griffin, and Rebel Wilson.

Workaholics may have ended its run on Comedy Central in 2017, but we haven't seen the last of Adam, Anders, and Blake just yet. The gang will get back together for a new Workaholics movie that's now in development to exclusively stream on Paramount+. It may not be the same as getting a revival series that will keep the stories coming for multiple episodes, but the movie will obviously be a must-see feature for any fan of the TV show. Perhaps if enough fans are streaming the upcoming movie, more content featuring the Workaholics crew can also be made in the future.


Meanwhile, Anderson, Devine, Holm, and Workaholics writer-director Kyle Newacheck have since launched their own podcast. Called the This Is Important podcast, the audio show features the four sharing their comedic opinions on a variety of topics. The four also collaborated on the action-comedy movie Game Over, Man!, which was released on Netflix in 2018. With or without Workaholics, the gang is clearly sticking together for some time to come. Happy 10th anniversary to Workaholics. You can revisit the series by streaming episodes on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Paramount+.