Is a Will & Grace TV revival happening? Probably not. But the four main cast members reunited over the weekend. And they have each teased this reunion on their various social media platforms. While they haven't revealed what's in store just yet, it all seems to be tied to tonight's Presidential debates.

The fact that this reunion stunt is happening just prior to the debates is not a coincidence, and it has most speculating that the cast are going to come out in a video announcement in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes all spent the weekend sending out cryptic teases. They even sent out a group shot reunion photo which you can see below. One was even tagged on Twitter with the message, 'We're baaaaaack!" But back for what is the question.

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Today, just before the Presidential debates are set to kick off at 9pm EST, the group shared a video that spells out in red words 'Will & Grace are back'. Megan Mullally's Karen Walker character can then be heard saying, "Make America bueno again!"

When reached for comment, NBC, the network that used to be home to Will & Grace, claimed they were in no way involved with this reunion stunt. And it is presumed to be of a political nature. It's unlikely that the cast would be supporting Donald Trump. The full announcement behind the big Will & Grace mystery is expected to be unveiled sometime during the debates.

Earlier this year, NBC's West Wing cast gathered in support of Hillary Clinton, launching their own pro-Clinton reunion video PSA. Clinton is running against Trump, who is a former NBC star, having lead the reality competition series The Apprentice. More from teh Will & Grce reunion will be coming forth shortly. In the meantime, take a lok at the photos and tweets.