Marvel was having a really solid run with its original TV properties on|Netflix. Everybody loved Daredevil. Jessica Jones was cool and hip. The announced show based on the Punisher has greatness written all over it. Luke Cage had to be incredible, right?


What happened with Marvel's Luke Cage? It isn't that this show is horrible. Far from it! It just doesn't, in any way, come close to inheriting the Marvel TV mantle that those other shows do.

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Initially, I was really excited. With a strong African American lead in Mike Colter, I felt like I was getting a glimpse into a world I longed to know more about. With the whole #OscarsSoWhite campaign, this show (from a casting perspective) was like a breathe of fresh air. The problem is that I don't feel that it went much deeper than simply putting these characters in these roles.

Maybe it doesn't need to do that? The reality is that Luke Cage is an important character. Has a superhero of this ilk that is also African American ever been on TV? As one of The Defenders he is obviously one of the four key players in that shows events. I guess I wanted more from Luke Cage. I wanted this show to go deeper.

Ultimately, this list isn't really a dissection of Luke Cage's subject matter. That is quite solid and in keeping with the other Marvel shows. Rather it is a look at the execution. After being blown away by Marvel's other TV offerings, it was hard not to examine, "5 Reasons Why Luke Cage is A Disappointment."

Too much Dialogue

Luke Cage Dialogue

Without giving much away, the abundance of dialogue eventually changes. However, until that point this show almost seems like it's trying to hit a certain "minute mark" with every episode (more on that later). In fact, by the third episode I found myself getting a bit tired of how the information between the characters was disseminated. First one set of characters would get it. Then they'd talk... and talk. After that the other characters would parse through it. It just felt forced. The worst part was also knowing where the dialogue was going. The other Marvel TV shows kept you guessing. Sadly, Luke Cage, for entirely too long, seemed to be spinning its wheels.

Evan Jacobs