Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? series on Showtime is getting less mysterious by the day. Cohen tweeted out a short clip with Donald Trump berating the comedian on the 4th of July and then a new clip with Dick Cheney was released shortly after that. However, the new show has been getting much of its publicity for free now that some American politicians are starting to figure out that Cohen had tricked them into fake interviews for his show. Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been the most vocal about her experience with Cohen, claiming that she was duped as well as stating that the comedian was making fun of disabled military veterans. Now, Sacha Baron Cohen has responded to Palin in character.

One of Sacha Baron Cohen's new characters in Who is America? is "Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.," a self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporter. Cohen set up a Twitter account for the character and has been retweeting like-minded individuals since the middle of May. Today, he used the platform to respond to Sarah Palin's accusations, stating that he never said he was in the military. Instead he claims he was in the service, the "United Parcel" service. Elsewhere, Ruddick Jr. claims to have liked Palin when she was questioning Barrack Obama's birth certificate and pointing out the "location of Russia."

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Sacha Baron Cohen's "Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr." is now demanding an apology from Sarah Palin, which is definitely not going to happen. In addition to Palin, Cohen also roped in former vice president Dick Cheney, who has yet to publicly say anything about his time on the Who is America? Cheney has been shown in a now infamous clip signing a water boarding kit with a smile on his face. Former Congressman Joe Walsh has also fallen victim to the new show and vented about the process on social media, much like Palin.

In addition to the aforementioned politicians, Sacha Baron Cohen was also able to obtain interviews with Howard Dean, Alberto Gonzales, Bernie Sanders, Trent Lott, David Patraeus, and Ted Koppel. Love him or hate him, Cohen has pulled off a pretty amazing feat with Who is America?, filming in secret for over a year without anyone knowing that it was him. The show will obviously spark some more controversy and it will be interesting to hear how the comedian pulled everything off.

It has been reported that Who is America? will be a total of 7 episodes, with the first hitting Showtime on Sunday, July 15th. This is the first time that Sacha Baron Cohen has done anything for TV since 2004's Da Ali G Show. Cohen has been asked many times over the years if he would be returning to his old show model, but he always shot the idea down because too many people were aware of his antics. However, it seems that people may have forgotten about him now, which probably won't happen again. You can read Sacha Baron Cohen's response to Sarah Palin below, thanks to Billy Wayne Ruddick's Twitter account.