With only two episodes left to air for Season 1, ABC has axed the David Hemingson created series Whiskey Cavalier. Starring Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead) and Scott Foley (Scandal), the action comedy series will conclude its run on the network after eleven total episodes. Weighing in on the imminent end of the show, Cohan spoke about the unfortunate news on Twitter.

On Whiskey Cavalier, Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley starred as FBI agents Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge (a.k.a. Fiery Tribune) and Will Chase (a.k.a. Whiskey Cavalier). The pair lead a team of spies tasked with saving the world while simultaneously handling problems arising from office politics and personal relationships. Although there's plenty of action and drama to be found on the show, it serves as a comedy as well. There's a certain charm to the series, but apparently not to the degree for the network to want to hold onto it.

The reason for ABC terminating Whiskey Cavalier is likely due to the fact that ratings had been steadily declining since the series premiere in February. It didn't help the show's survival odds that it was produced by an outside studio. At this point, there are two episodes remaining for the first and final season of the show's run on ABC, and it remains to be seen how the show's cancellation will affect viewership going into the series finale. Still, even if ratings were slipping, one look at the comments on Cohan's post will prove there's a devoted portion of the fan base very unhappy to see it end. Perhaps enough fan interest could help get the series a chance to continue on a new network.

This brings up an obvious question for fans of The Walking Dead. Cohan's departure from the hit AMC zombie drama was in part because of her casting on Whiskey Cavalier. If the show has officially come to an end, then Cohan's working schedule is opening back up. Because her character Maggie Rhee was written out of the series alive with the possibility of her returning, there's a chance this could lead to a substantial role for Maggie to play in the upcoming Season 10. In some capacity, it seems very likely we'll be seeing Maggie back on the show at some point. Given how many other main stars of the series have left or will soon be leaving, there's going to be a void that could greatly benefit from the return of Cohan to the series.

Still, not all hope is yet lost for fans of Whiskey Cavalier. Warner Bros. is reportedly shopping the series to other networks to see if the show could get a second season elsewhere. Should that not happen, however, Cohan is clearly grateful for the show's short run. News of the show's cancellation comes to us from Variety.