There is an obscure holiday celebrated practically every day in America, and today is no different. Every year, October 15 is officially known as Bearded Presidents Day. The IFC network is celebrating this holiday by offering fans a sneak peek at the Season 2 Premiere of Whisker Wars, debuting Friday, November 23 at 10 PM ET. This scene features former beard champion Jack Passion, who is contemplating whether or not to shave his world-famous beard after losing his title last year. Take a look at this hair-raising scene, and then read on for information on a Whisker Wars Season 1 marathon.

IFC is airing a Whisker Wars Season 1 marathon on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, November 22, at 7 AM ET/PT and 8 PM ET/PT. All seven Season 1 episodes will re-air Friday, November 23 at 4 PM ET, just before the new season kicks off.