The latest hidden Westworld season 3 trailer turns the dystopian hit HBO series into a romantic sitcom. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have added a whole new layer of fun for hardcore fans of the show in the form of a website built for season 3. The website for Westworld universe tech company Incite was launched quietly in November and has dropped some subtle hints about the fictional company. However, things started to get a bit more interesting when HBO launched a full-length trailer last week.

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Fans were more than excited to get a brand-new look at Westworld season 3 with explosive action and intriguing teases. However, there are some fans who know that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are up to some of their usual tricks. One Redditor discovered a hidden trailer through the Privacy Act tab of the Incite website. He had to get a little tricky with refreshing his cookies and then using a VPN, but he was able to find hidden and unlisted trailers that were just waiting for fans to find them.

While the previously hidden Westworld trailers played well with what fans know and love about the show, the latest is the complete opposite. It's completely absurd and frames the relationship between Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores and Aaron Paul's Caleb as a romantic comedy. The action is still there, but it has a sappy romantic song in the background, along with some of the romance that we'll see when season 3 premieres next month. The new footage is just as great as what has come before, but it has a comedic slant this time around.

The Westworld season 3 unlisted trailers have generally been remixes of the official trailer, but they all have additional footage and changes. For instance, in the first hidden trailer, the symphonic version of "Sweet Child O' Mine" is replaced with a voiceover from Dolores and Maeve. Then there's the action-packed minute of footage from the second hidden trailer, which basically strips away anything not having to do with all-out war. As for the third, it's the most absurd and it's a lot of fun, promising "35% more Romance." Whatever the case may be, fans are excited to see that the show is coming back after another lengthy wait.

Westworld season 3 premieres March 15th, exclusively on HBO. While season 2 seemed to divide fans, season 3 is beginning to look like a return to confusing form. While the first season has been hailed as a classic, there's still a lot of people who really don't understand what's going on, which is exactly how Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan like it. Hopefully they will continue with the hidden, cryptic teases in the future. While we wait for more, you can check out all three hidden trailers for Westworld season 3 below, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.