A secret Westworld season 3 trailer has been discovered. It contains mostly new footage and was found by a hardcore fan of the hit HBO series. Just yesterday, the network unveiled the latest trailer, giving fans a few clues about what they'll be questioning when the show comes back next month. There are no concrete answers offered. Instead, fans are treated to more questions about what will take place in season 3.

Fans looking for answers in the newly discovered secret Westworld season 3 trailer aren't going to find any either. However, they will see a ton of new footage, which seems to be a lot darker than what was officially released by HBO yesterday. One can easily see a lot of this footage being used for marketing down the line or to tease upcoming episodes. One of the most striking images from the new trailer is Evan Rachel Wood's Delores character writhing on the ground in pain with glowing tubes coming out of her body.

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In addition to the new Westworld footage, the hidden season 3 trailer has some cryptic messages for fans to try and decipher. Escape is not freedom, Reality is not optimizable, Desire is not power, Independence is not negotiable, Destiny is not digital, Disruption is not change, Chaos is not revolution, Death is not dissent, and Free will is not free all flash on the screen during the one-minute trailer. There's a lot to take in and fans will more than likely end up watching it more than once, while pausing over scenes that just flash by.

As for how the secret Westworld season 3 trailer was found, one Redditor started snooping around the Inciteinc website, which has been up for months now. By clicking on the Privacy Act tab of the site, users are taken to the secret trailer, but there's a catch. If you go now, it's the original trailer. In order to properly track it down, one has to clear all browser cookies and then utilize a VPN. Thankfully, the secret video is linked to YouTube, so we have it for you to check out above.

It really says something about what Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have created with Westworld. The show is one thing, but it's the relationship that they have with their fans that keeps everything going. There's always so many questions and a ton of speculation after each episode, but the fans rally together on forums to discuss. In this case, Reddit is the place to be, as Nolan and Joy will occasionally drop by to give cryptic hints or fully explains some of their storytelling decisions ahead of the March premiere date. When most shows present what it is and don't allow any of the fanatical searching for deeper meaning, Westworld encourages it. All conspiracies are welcome. You can check out the secret season 3 trailer above, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.