HBO has released a new trailer for Westworld season 2 that previews what to expect in the coming weeks. The highly-anticipated seconds season of the hit sci-fi series has finally debuted and it raised a lot of questions about what we're going to see in the next few episodes. If you're into Westworld for the twists and violence, you likely weren't disappointed. Now, this new trailer reveals what the series has in store for us over the course of the next several weeks and there seems to be no end to the violent delights.

As teased by this new trailer the weeks ahead look dark. Literally. Lots of stuff happening at night or in the darkness. Jimmi Simpson is also back as the young William, aka The Man in Black, for a brief moment, proving that season 2 is going to be doing a lot more jumping around in the timeline. We also see Thandie Newton's Maeve clearly in the Shogun world, which we've yet to see but are certainly going to visit in the coming weeks. And, as anyone who watched the Westworld season 2 premiere likely expects, it's going to be extra violent as we progress through this new run of episodes.


There is so much already happening in Season 2. Everyone is trying to figure how things got so messed up at the park in the first place, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is having himself all kinds of problems and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is on a series killstreak. There's also the new mystery at hand, which will see The Man in Black trying to find "the door," which virtually nothing has been revealed about just yet. The pieces of this puzzle will slowly but surely start to come together as the season unfolds.

One of the most outwardly intriguing bits that we're going to explore in season 2 is the other parks. Season 1 focused entirely on Westworld, but not only is there Shogun world, but we also have some sort of jungle world, given the dead robot tiger from the premiere and who knows what else. What we do know is that there are at least six parks to explore. That leaves HBO a whole lot of room to explore this serious in multiples seasons, should they choose to do so. Just imagine what kind of crazy stuff could be hiding in that jungle world.


Westworld season 2, like the first season, will consist of ten episodes. Those who love the series will need to enjoy them as much as possible, as we're likely to experience another lengthy gap between season 2 and season 3, assuming HBO winds up renewing the series. It's likely they will, since Game of Thrones is ending next year. That gives them a different marquee series to turn their attention to. Westworld season 2 returns this Sunday on HBO. Be sure to check out the new season 2 trailer, courtesy of the HBO YouTube channel, for yourself below.