HBO has released a full-length trailer for Westworld season 2. The network has been hyping up the new season for awhile now, but they're being mysterious and secretive, as one would suspect. They released a blood-soaked teaser trailer during San Diego Comic-Con last year and, during the Super Bowl, they released another very ominous teaser, but neither of those gave us a truly great idea of what to expect. This trailer, on the other hand, gives us by far our best look at Westworld season 2 yet. Spoiler alert: It's going to be incredibly violent.

While many of the key details surrounding Season 2, in terms of the actual mystery and plot points that will drive the season forward, are being kept under lock and key, this trailer gives us a much better idea of what we're in for. It's going to be an all-out war between the highly-intelligent and now out for freedom robots and the humans, who have every reason to fear the existence of the hosts. During most of last season, the stakes weren't all that real for the humans, as the hosts couldn't actually harm them. However, as The Man in Black (Ed Harris) points out here, the stakes are very real this time around. Robots are packing real weapons these days.


Some of the other threads revealed here are Maeve (Thandie Newton) wanting to find her daughter. The Man in Black seems to enjoy the stakes and appears to be trying to help regain control of Westworld. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is clearly a changed woman, or robot, as she now has Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) on edge. As she says at one point, "It's us or them." There are lots of gorgeous shots, and even teases to some of the other themed lands in Westworld, like the samurai-themed park. But there's also a truly crazy amount of death. Seriously. So many people are going to die this season. Be prepared for an absolute bloodbath.


Perhaps the most unsettling bit of the trailer comes at the very end when Bernard says Dolores frightens her sometimes. To which, Dolores replies, "Why on Earth would you ever be frightened of me?" Considering the dramatic shift in power that occurred at the end of Westworld season 1, it looks like Dolores is going to embrace the violent nature of the world she lives in so that she can secure her freedom. Even James Marsden's Teddy seems concerned with the way Dolores has embraced violence.

All of this is set to a piano cover of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box, composed by Ramin Djawadi, who did the music for the first season and returns for Westworld season 2. It took nearly two years, but HBO has poured a lot into this new season and it looks like, at the very least visually, that's going to pay off in a big way. Westworld season 2 debuts on HBO on April 22. Be sure to check out the brand new, full-length trailer for the new season, courtesy of the HBO YouTube channel, for yourself below.