HBO is releasing their first Super Bowl commercial in 20 years to promote the upcoming second season of Westworld. The debut trailer will play at some point during the Super Bowl. To tide us over, HBO has released a brief teaser clip. Westworld premiered last fall to an enthusiastic response, going on to become one of HBO's biggest hits and fans have been waiting since last winter to see what Season 2 has in store for them. There is no official premiere date set, but it's expected to be announced on Sunday.

Now that Game of Thrones is taking a year off, Westworld is set to be the biggest show on HBO for 2018 and the hype surrounding Season 2 is immense at this point in time. The trailer that will be shown during the Super Bowl was directed by series co-creator Jonathon Nolan and it will feature some footage that is exclusive to the clip. Obviously, we won't know what was exclusive to the first trailer until after the Season 2 finale. Surprisingly, HBO has not advertised during the Super Bowl since 1998, and that ad was only to promote the network.


In addition to the news that the Westworld Season 2 trailer will debut on Sunday, HBO also tweeted out a teaser for the trailer. The short 27-second clip features no footage from the show, but hints that the park is in some major disarray after the events of Season 1. While there is no footage shown, it does have a few cryptic messages. It appears that there will be some managerial downsizing at Westworld as well as some restructuring for the new narrative.

The Westworld teaser clip also alludes to the Super Bowl in its weird Delos computer imagery. The message is cryptic enough to keep fans intrigued as well as really excited for the return. The main message hints that people need to escape reality now more than ever, while stating that they'll have "boots on the ground" in Minneapolis, where Super Bowl 2018 is taking place. It reads as follows.

"Our current market testing tells us that now, more than ever, people are looking to escape their reality. With this strategy in mind, we are expanding our outreach campaign, starting with boots on the ground in Minneapolis. We are proud to announce a rebrand years in the making, placing Delos Destinations at the forefront of a new age. There has never been a better time to live without limits."

Westworld Season 2 is arriving a little later than expected, which was talked about after the conclusion of Season 1. Jonathon Nolan and co-creator Lisa Joy have explained they wanted to devote more time to writing the entire second season to keep it as fresh as possible. We'll hopefully get to see if the wait was worth it. While we wait for Sunday to come around, you can check out the first teaser for Westworld Season 2 below, courtesy of The Westworld Twitter account.