Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to actually visit the town of Sweetwater from HBO's Westworld? Those attending this year's SXSW in Austin, Texas, need no longer wonder, as the network is building a real version of the Westworld town during the festival. It will be an immersive experience and fans are welcome to attend. Though, getting in at this point may prove to be a bit tricky, as demand to experience Westworld first hand is, as one might expect, quite high.

HBO put up tickets for free on a website created to promote the event, which will take place during the first weekend of SXSW next month. However, the free tickets were snatched up almost instantly for this immersive Westworld experience and are already gone. But there's still a chance, as it's promised that another batch of tickets will be made available closer to the event, so you'll want to keep your eyes locked on the Westworld social media accounts for info on when those tickets will be made available and how to get them.

"The freedom of living without the rules or judgement is coming to Austin, Texas. During SXSW, from March 9-11, the park will reopen for a limited, elite few. Reserve a ticket now to secure your visit to the original immersive vacation destination."

HBO is going all out for what they're billing as a "Live Without Limits Weekend," which is being used to promote the upcoming release of Season 2. The network has rented two acres of land outside of Austin for this Westworld experience, which will include The Coronado hotel and the Mariposa Saloon, among other attractions that fans of the show will be sure to love. Even if you're not a fan of the show, this sounds like a truly cool thing to experience.


This Westworld experience will begin before guests even arrive at the actual park. Those attending will be picked up in Austin in a "Delos Shuttle," then they will be assigned a black hat or white hat. There will also be hosts that fans can interact with at the park. But you can't kill them and they won't do any naughty stuff with you like in the show. There will also be horses, western food and drinks and clues to many of the show's mysteries hidden in the experience.

Westworld season 2 returns to HBO on April 22, as revealed via the trailer released by the network during the Super Bowl. Plot details are largely being kept under wraps, but the show's website recently revealed six different parks, including a samurai world. HBO has released a brief trailer for the SXSW experience, which you can check out for yourself below. If you want to know more about it, or if you want to know where to sign up for tickets when they're made available again, be sure to check out DiscoverWestworld.com.