HBO has released a brand new, ominous poster for Westworld season 2. There's a still version of the poster, but what really is worth taking a look at is the motion poster, which is not only excellent and possibly teases what's to come this season on the network's hit sci-fi series, but it also contains a hidden message which could point us to this year's big mystery.

Before digging into the hidden message, the Season 2 poster, in itself, is fantastic. Even without the hidden message. It's quite common these days for networks or studios to slap together a very generic poster, or just some obviously photoshopped disaster. So seeing something this carefully constructed is pretty great. This is worthy of some wall space. It boasts the tagline, "Chaos takes control," which probably has to do with the fact that the robots took over at the end of Westworld season 1. There are mountains in the background, cloaked in a blood-red sky. In the foreground, there's a robotic vulture standing atop some grey desert ground, with a very familiar looking black hat next to him.


That black hat certainly looks like the one that belongs to Ed Harris' The Man in Black. Are they teasing some sort of grim fate befalling him in season 2? Vultures are often associated with death, so it's not hard to imagine they're teasing he could be seeing his last days. But in Westworld, nothing is as it seems. Beyond even that, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this Westworld season 2 poster. The motion poster glitches every few seconds and some eagle-eyed fans noticed that there is some hidden hexadecimal text between the ground and the sky, as well as a code in the mountain, which you can see for yourself below.


The text, which was thankfully decoded by some dedicated fans, takes you to a page on the Discover Westworld website that contains the message, "Find the door." The page takes you to a teaser that features various characters going through various doors, with footage mostly from the first season. A boy says, "Now, you're in my game; and, this game is Find The Door." Then we get the message, "We will find the door, but they will try to first." So, much like the maze was at the heart of the first season, it looks like Westworld season 2 will deal with finding this mysterious door. The question then becomes, what door are they talking about?


At this point, it's anyone's guess. Creators Jonathan Noland and Lisa Joy have had two years to come up with a satisfying second season and they're certainly not going to make this mystery easy to solve. Westworld season 2 returns to HBO on April 22. You can check out the new Westworld season 2 poster for yourself below and, if you want to see this teaser that sets up the mystery at the heart of this new season, visit

Westworld Season 2 Poster