Westworld has wasted absolutely no time in getting very strange, possibly confusing and perhaps fantastic in its second season. That all depends on what you want from the show, but it at the very least has is hooks in enough for viewers to want its various mysterious solved, even if they may become increasingly hard to follow. While we can't predict that, what we know for sure is that the latest episode Reunion delivered on the promise of its name while further complicating the show's timeline, among other things. Let's dig in, shall we?

This episode starts out further back in the timeline than we've ever really explored before, with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), or make that Arnold, hanging out in the city before the park actually opens. Arnold and Dr. Ford are arguing about some stuff before he shows Dolores his future house. What we come to find out is that Dolores is fascinated with the city, which is something she at least vaguely remembers, as teased at the very end of last week's episode. She clearly wants to go back and she's going to shed a lot of blood in order to get there.


We then briefly meet up with Dolores, Teddy (James Marsden) and Angela (Talulah Riley) in the park which, in terms of the timeline, appears to be shortly after the season 1 finale when many of the guests are still trying to escape. Angela goes a little trigger happy on some folks and Teddy seems rather concerned, only until Dolores gives him a peek into what was going on behind the scenes. Then Teddy seems to finally, fully get on board with this violent streak his beloved lady is on.

Next, we go back in time, because of course we do, and meet up with the young version of William (Jimmi Simpson) again! At first, he is back with his D bag of a brother in law Logan (Ben Barnes) long before the events of season 1 back in the city, not at the park. Some investors are trying to convince his father to invest in Westworld and, in order to do so, they take him to an all robot party and he has no idea they're robots at first. That naturally leads to a robot orgy and, I've got to be honest, I never thought I would use that term in my professional life yet, here we are. Thanks, Westworld.


Before getting on with the city life, which was a surprisingly prominent part of this episode, we meet up with the older version of William (Ed Harris), in what we presume is the current timeline to find his old pal Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) As always, William wants his help, but he also explains to Lawrence how everything has changed, via a pretty excellent speech at one of the bars in the park. By going on this quest, which we assume has to do with finding the mysterious door that was introduced by the young Ford last week, William promises Lawrence that they can catch, "a glimpse of the men we could have been." He clearly wants to bring this whole thing crashing down and, what's clear above all else is that the Man in Black is getting pretty dark this season.


There is also a very important moment where Dolores and Teddy find out just how many soldiers are coming to stop the hosts. They then try to set up an army, which leads to them meeting up with Maeve (Thandie Newton)! It's a super cool moment that doesn't really produce any juice. Yet. We're guessing this idea of them teaming up will be revisited. This leads to Dolores, Teddy and Angela slaughtering some potential soldiers who they were trying to recruit.

Elsewhere, William is also trying to assemble his own army in order to help him on this quest he's about to embark on. This leads to an equally awesome moment where Giancarlo Esposito, aka the dude who plays Gus on Breaking Bad, shows up and refuses to have his men join up with William. In a moment of muscle flexing, William tries to force the issue, but our awesome new robot friend has his men all commit suicide in order to go out on their own terms. His final words are, "This game was meant for you William, but you must play it alone." A very telling and super cool moment.


To wrap up, we once again go back in time and get a glimpse into William's real-world life. We see his wife, his relationship with his father in law and, most importantly, he's reunited with Dolores! We see some jealousy from his wife, mostly because William admits that he's actually in love with Dolores. Before the reunion concludes, William shows Dolores something he's been working on. At first, it appears to be a place within the park. However, when we jump back forward in time, Dolores reveals that it's actually a weapon she can use to win the wary she's planning on waging. What this weapon is exactly? Just one more mystery to be revealed. And just to show how utterly interconnected everything is in this show, the woman who plays William's wife was actually the woman in that photo from season 1 that was dug up by Dolores' father on his farm that led to him freaking out. It all comes back around. Westworld season 2 continues next Sunday on HBO and, with any luck, it looks like we might get to see that tiger in action.

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