It feels like Westworld is on the verge of becoming a bloodbath. And not the usual kind of bloodbath where only robots die, but the kind where actual humans die. Honestly, it is about time things get out of control. Also, a bunch of other stuff happened on this week's all-new episode The Adversary as well. Let's dig in, shall we?

The nice thing about this week's episode of Westworld was that it definitely seemed to raise the stakes as we slowly approach the end of season one. On the other hand, we didn't get to see what happened with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), William (Jimmi Simpson) and Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) on that train. We'll have to wait until next week, we assume, to see where that train is headed, both literally and metaphorically speaking. No need to worry though, because Maeve (Thandie Newton) is a completely self-aware angry robot in control of her own programming now!

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So yeah, a lot of important stuff happened in "The Adversary," but it is a pretty safe but that Maeve's transformation this week will have the biggest implications moving forward. She essentially manipulated her little scientist "god" buddies into teaching her everything about how she was made, which was understandably troubling for Maeve. However, it was for good reason, because she also convinced her scientist friends to alter her programming to maker her super intelligent in addition to being less vulnerable in a lot of ways. Well, good if you're a robot. Probably bad if you're a human. So, the inevitable robot uprising will probably be led by Maeve and the other ladies at the whorehouse. Human blood will likely be shed at the hands of robot prostitutes, and just getting to say that sentence is why Westworld is so worth watching. Even if it is still potentially confusing in some ways.

Ok so aside from laying the groundwork for the artificial intelligence apocalypse, the mystery of what was going on with that transmitter that Elsie (Shannon Woodward) discovered in the haywire woodcutter robot started to unravel. Her and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) started digging in and discovered that it was someone who worked for the park that was responsible for the transmitter. We still have no idea what information was being transmitted, but this mystery helped us solve another one that had been going on for some time. That little boy is, in fact, Dr. Robert (Anthony Hopkins) as a youngin.

As it turns out, Dr. Robert's mysterious dead (or maybe/probably not dead) partner Arnold had built a whole family of robots that mirrored Dr. Robert's family from when he was a child. While searching for robot anomalies that were connected to that transmitter, Bernard discovered Dr. Robert's super weird robot family, which he has been keeping around for something like 30 years some reason. Even though it didn't have any serious implications for the show moving forward, we need to talk about when the child version of Dr. Robert's face opened up to reveal the robot innards. That was some kind of serious nightmare fuel. Well done, HBO. Oh, and child robot Dr. Robert also killed the family dog because a "voice" told him to. This is probably related to Arnold as well. This was also unsettling. At this point, Dr. Robert is either totally in control in a way we don't totally realize, or he is losing control in ways he doesn't quite realize. It's a little unclear which it is at this point.

Taking a detour for a second, The Man in Black (Ed Harris) and Teddy (James Marsden) were continuing their journey to deal with the evildoer known as Wyatt and also to find the maze, which we still know next to nothing about. They didn't get very far, but they did get captured by some soldiers along the way who weren't overly fond of Teddy, because apparently he is, or at least was, a traitor of sorts in their eyes. We did learn one thing though; don't get between Teddy and Dolores. Teddy had absolutely zero hesitation about slaying the entire battalion of soldiers just so they wouldn't delay them on their quest further. Even The Man in Black joked that he didn't think Teddy was capable of such things. Maybe it was subconscious robot payback for all of the times Teddy has been brutally murdered over the years. Either way, it was kind of awesome.

Back to Bernard and the other big reveal that came this week on Westworld. During his quest to help Elsie figure out what was going on with this transmitter business, he had to cross paths with his corporate bang buddy Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen). She decided to pull the plug on their steamy sex sessions, which Bernard understandably protested about at the time. That being said, knowing what he knows by the end of the episode it might be a different story. As it turns out, thanks to some digging by Elsie, Theresa was one of the people sending information from the transmitter out of the park. Why? We don't know. Our best guess is that she doesn't want Dr. Robert in control anymore, because she keeps questioning his stability.

The other much more messed up reveal is that Arnold, the guy who is supposed to be dead, also has something to do with this transmitter business. Sadly, we may not know why for a while, because somebody captured, maybe killed, Elise for snooping around. We don't really know what happened to her. So, RIP Elsie? Maybe? Outside of that, we once again crossed paths with Mr. Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), who has become a drunken bitter mess since Dr. Robert rejected his storyline in favor of his own, which we still know almost nothing about. Theresa was trying to get him to clean up his act so he could start fixing some of the story problems in the park, but instead, Lee decided to hit on the corporate person who is inspecting the park that we have been hearing about. He just didn't know that it was the corporate person at the time. We didn't either. So it probably wasn't a good move for him to pee on the digital rendering of the park in front of his superiors. Classy move, Lee.

So at the moment, we have a self-aware, super smart, probably deadly robot, some mysterious corporate backstabbing of sorts and a mysterious maze we still don't know much about. Where the hell is Dolores? Who is The Man in Black, really? Will Bernard ever get laid again? Also, Arnold. We'll have to see what more gets revealed and what gets muddier when Westworld returns next Sunday on HBO.

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