I think we can all agree that was another excellent episode of Westworld. That being said, I think we can all agree that a recap of this episode could be written with no other punctuation than question marks, because for all of the questions that were answered, so many more were raised. Let's dig into Dissonance Theory, shall we?

Firstly, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is apparently the reason why Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is deviating so far from her usual storyline. That initial conversation between those two was incredibly revealing. Apparently, Dolores is developing thoughts and emotions outside of her programming that ultimately are leading her to desire freedom. Bernard seems to be willing to help her get that freedom. Seemingly by playing the same game that The Man in Black (Ed Harris) is intent on playing. There is a convergence coming and things are going to get dicey.

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Speaking of The Man in Black, we got re-acquainted with him this week after he was largely absent from the previous episode. And we learned a truckload, even if most of it was pretty subtle, about his character. He found the snake he was looking for in the form of a tattoo on an outlaw. Through that process, we learned that this game and this maze that have been talked about are connected to Dr. Robert's (Anthony Hopkins) partner Arnold. Apparently, this maze and this last game have real stakes. People can die. Given that The Man in Black is so disillusioned by what Westworld has to offer, it seems he wants to try the real thing on for size. Some real danger. "The last page of the book," as he put it. He also uncomfortably alluded to the idea that he could set Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) free, which is a bit unsettling and probably not a good thing.

After setting the outlaw we know as Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) free from prison and once again saving Lawrence from execution, the snake lady, aka Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) revealed that the next piece of the puzzle is the man named Wyatt, who we learned about last week when Dr. Robert gave Teddy (James Marsden) a backstory. So, The Man in Black and Lawrence are off to find the feared outlaw and murderer known as Wyatt. Also, we found out that The Man in Black runs some sort of do-good foundation outside of Westworld, which he was extremely uninterested in discussing. What was that all about?

Speaking of poor Teddy, it turned out those freaks didn't kill him last week on his quest to kill Wyatt, they just made him wish he were dead. The Man in Black and Lawrence stumbled upon him while trying to find Wyatt and instead of putting him out of his misery, it looks like they are going to use him for information. Poor, Teddy.

Back to Dolores. She decided to continue her quest with William (Jimmi Simpson) and his soon-to-be brother in law who we now know is a part owner of the park, Logan (Ben Barnes). After completing their task and after a lot more flirting between William and Dolores, they had their man. However, he revealed that he knew something about a larger game within the park or an "Easter Egg" as Logan put it. So, they killed their guide and despite some protest from William, it looks like they are heading down the same path that The Man in Black is going. At least that is what it seems like. Either way, Dolores is a long way from home.

After once again banging Bernard, Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) decided to go have a chat with Dr. Robert about this new, mysterious storyline of his. During the course of this chat, Dr. Robert revealed just how in control of things he really is. He knew a board member was already in Westworld (is it Logan?). He knew that Theresa had been there with her family when she was a little girl and what table they sat at. He knew that she had been banging Bernard and he straight up stopped time, kind of. It is clear he has some sort of God complex going on, which definitely made Theresa uneasy, but she was sold on his storyline after the creepy meeting. As for what the massive metal thing was that came out of the ground or what the storyline is, we still know very little. All we can say is that Dr. Robert seems to be pulling way more strings than we realize. He is aware of absolutely everything that is going on and much of this craziness, such as what is going on with Dolores, seems to fit in with his new storyline and seems to be his doing. Moving on.

Alright, so Maeve (Thandie Newton) is really messed up right now. Apparently one of the robot doctors left a bullet inside of her while repairing her one day and she totally remembered. She is now picturing the men in the white suits and is drawing them before she goes to sleep and forgets everything the next day. She then saw a Native American girl drop a toy she made that looked like one of the robot doctor's she has been seeing in her visions, which are really just robot memories that aren't supposed to be there (or are they?). Curious, she corners Hector, who apparently knows a thing or two about these "gods" that the "savages" (Native Americans) worship. Hector reveals that Maeve isn't crazy and that what she is seeing lines up with the mythology. Also, they totally found that bullet in her stomach and made out in a bloody mess before being shot to death. The point is, Maeve is onto something, which probably isn't a good thing.

There are so many questions we want answers to and we can only imagine that heading into the middle of the season next week, some of those questions will be answered. However, if the show follows its current trend, many more will also be raised. We're not complaining. Be sure to tune in next Sunday when Westworld returns on HBO.

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