Let's just get this out of the way now. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) killed a guy. At the beginning of this episode, she couldn't even shoot a gun, partially because of her programming and partially because nobody had ever shown her how, but Dolores straight up killed a guy. Also, lots of other stuff happened on Westworld this week. Let's dig in, shall we?

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is continuing down his very dangerous path of having these very strange conversations with Dolores. In this week's episode Stray, he brought her a book, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. What was so unnerving about it was that he had her read a specific passage from the book because he used to read the book to his son, who is dead. Which appears to be part of the reason he is doing this. Also, it appears there is a theme of "change" in their apparent reading sessions, as well as more of her recall of some of the terrible things that have happened to her, which led to her killing a guy. We knew this whole Dolores/Bernard thing was bad before, but it's definitely getting more layers heaped on. Good for the viewer? Yes. Bad for the visitors of Westworld? Definitely.

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Last week it started to seem like Teddy (James Marsden) was just going to be cannon fodder in each episode of Westworld. Granted, in a way, he still kind of was in this week's episode "The Stray," but at least he got a backstory and got to be a bit more heroic. Until he got brutally murdered again. Speaking of that backstory, it totally ties into Dr. Robert's (Anthony Hopkins) new storyline, which is still a total mystery. What we do know is that Teddy is now arch enemies with a guy named Wyatt, who is all kinds of bad. Beyond that, it was probably a bad idea to not have him stay with Dolores, because he might have stopped her from killing that guy she killed. But what's done is done.

So, speaking of Dr. Robert, it turns out that he had a partner named Arnold and several of these malfunctioning robots are recalling memories that were implanted in them by Arnold in the early days of the park. It seems like Arnold, who also mysteriously died in the park in an "accident" (that wasn't really an accident), has a lot to do with the things that are going wrong in Westworld right now. Well, wrong for the characters in the show, but right for the viewer, because things are getting crazy and interesting. The potential of this show is being realized. Dr. Robert has many secrets which he is clearly not intending to share until the time is right.

Elsewhere, things are also going wrong with the robots of Westworld. It isn't lonely ol' Dolores who wants to kill by her lonesome. Elsie (Shannon Woodward) was tracking down a robot who abandoned his storyline with that no-nonsense security guard Ashley (Luke Hemsworth). Not for nothing, but it definitely seems like Elsie and Ashley hooked up once or twice. When they finally find him, it turns out he had a bit of a violent streak in him as well because he definitely tried to kill both Elsie and Ashley, but ultimately wound up with his robot brains smashed on a large rock. We are guessing there are more violent robots on the way next week. Lots more.

Save for a couple of appearances in flashbacks and dreams, The Man in Black (Ed Harris) was pretty much absent from this week's episode entirely. So, we'll have to wait until next week to see what deviant things he has planned and if he finally made his way to the maze or not. Mostly we just really want to know what this big "game" is that he is so hell-bent on finding.

We left things off in a very unsettling place. Dolores had stumbled off after her gunfight and found William (Jimmi Simpson) and his soon to be brother in law Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) who decided to go out on a bounty hunting mission. Well, William wanted to go. Hector wanted to drink more and have more sex with robots. If you may recall, it appeared that William fancied Dolores during last week's episode. Now, seemingly distressed and in need, she has fallen into his arms. He doesn't know she killed a guy, so we're guessing William is going to try and save/protect her and get wrapped up on the wrong side of this whole mess. Either way, next week is sure to be violent and strange. Be sure to tune in next Sunday when Westworld returns on HBO.

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