Wendy Williams allegedly ripped a pretty decent fart on live TV. She was in the middle of talking about political correctness when the accident happened. Williams has been in the news quite a bit over the past few weeks and recently had to publicly apologize to Joaquin Phoenix and individuals with a cleft palate after she said she found the actor to be "oddly attractive" and then talked about the scar over the actor's lip.

During a new segment on her show Friday, Wendy Williams was discussing the Odell Beckham butt-slapping incident, which has also been making headlines. While talking, she seems to take a pause when a totally audible fart can be heard. She then acts as if nothing happened and continues her talk on political correctness. Social media has not been able to get enough of the rather loud fart and the look on Williams' face when she allegedly lets it rip.

Lapel microphones are used on talk shows and The Wendy Williams Show is no different. While it's not confirmed, it is believed that the mic in question is uni-directional, which means it's only supposed to pick up audio from one direction. In this case, just like all talk shows, the goal is to hear the person's voice as loud and clear as possible. For Williams to rip a fart and have it picked up on an uni-directional microphone is quite a feat, which means that it had to have been pretty loud with a decent amount of force behind it.

Farts are pure comedic gold in most circles, so it would have been refreshing to see Wendy Williams have a good laugh while addressing it. Accidents happen and it's not like she defecated in her dress in front of a live studio audience, along with the folks watching and listening at home. Farts happen, it's just natural for the body to relieve some gas from time to time. Maybe she had a bad breakfast burrito or bad creamer in her coffee before the segment. There's a lot of different variables to take into account here.

Some believe that the live television flatulence was karma for Wendy Williams' comments on the cleft palate. Over 63,000 people have signed a petition to get her fired after the 55-year old talk show host pulled her lip up with her finger to mock the condition. Many are not excepting her apology to Joker star Joaquin Phoenix and individuals with a cleft palate. It should be noted that Phoenix's scar is not a cleft palate. Instead it's a scar that he has had since birth. Regardless, Williams is still on the air and surprising her audience with all kinds of audio goodness. You can check out the video of Wendy Williams allegedly ripping a big juicy fart on live TV below, thanks to the Pop Hub Twitter account. The awesome fart in question pops up at the 18-second mark.