Wendy Williams isn't a fan of other TV hosts "looking disgusting" as they broadcast from home. In a recent interview, the controversial talk show host explains why she was able to make her show work from home. Williams is never at a loss for words, though she admits she was initially apprehensive about hosting The Wendy Williams Show from her home after looking at the way everybody else looked on the screen. Most TV hosts are stuck indoors like the rest of us, for obvious reasons.

When Stephen Colbert and other TV hosts started doing their broadcasts from home, things weren't working very smooth. Everything was shot on an iPhone and there were no hair and makeup people allowed. This caught Wendy Williams off guard. Williams was reluctant because she considers her home to be sacred. She explains.

"The whole apartment is my office as far as I'm concerned [now]... But no, you know, when [this] first got started, I was reluctant to do it because I always feel that I give so much of myself when I do the show for the last 11 plus years, that I want a place that I can call my own."

After taking a look at what other TV hosts were doing and deeming it "disgusting," Wendy Williams started thinking about making a home broadcast work. The same camera man comes each morning to take care of the technicalities as Williams sets up in her kitchen. She notes that she has "zero interest" in learning how to use the equipment to get her show going. Even after years in radio, Williams still has no interest in learning the technical side of things.


Wendy Williams went on to address her radio career. "If it wasn't for radio, I could not do this... thing from home thing properly," she says. She continued, "I've so enjoyed this 11, going on 12 years, of doing the talk show with the studio and hundreds of people and clapping and the immediate response." The talk show host is a former shock jock in the vein of old school Howard Stern and spent years delivering entertainment to her fans. "You know, I've been a radio host longer than I've been a TV host, so yes, right. Thank God for radio."

While Wendy Williams thought other hosts looked "disgusting" doing their shows from home, she hasn't commented on if things have gotten better. For the most part, it seems that a lot of hosts are starting to get used to the home situation, much like anyone else who is learning to work from home. The only difference is that these people are putting on a show for the world to see, which has to be pretty difficult. In the meantime, if you plan on doing anything Williams will see, make sure you get your hair and makeup touched up first. The interview with Wendy Williams was originally conducted by CNN.