Producer-star Mark Duplass is bringing his indie web series Wedlock to Vimeo and FilmBuff through a joint distribution deal that will cover a number of platforms. Mark Duplass stars alongside Jennifer Lafleur as two longtime friends who have always been told they should be together romantically. With their respective love lives in the dumps, they decide to put together a plan for falling in love with one another, as they seek help from a therapist (Rob Corddry) to put it in motion.

Take a look at a clip from the series, which debuted at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March, then read on for more details about the show.

The 10-episode series will debut on Vimeo starting September 29, with the entire first season available for $3.99 and each of the 5-6 minute episodes also being sold individually for 99 cents apiece. The show will be available exclusively on Vimeo for one month, before it debuts on other digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, PlayStation Store, Xbox Video, and Vudu.

Here's what Vimeo's Sam Toles had to say about the acquisition.

"Wedlock is a cutting-edge online series which packs hilarity into concise episodic structure. We are thrilled to be working with the talented comedic team of Corddry, Duplass and Lafleur to bring this series directly to fans worldwide."

During the SXSW Film Festival in March, Mark Duplass had this to say about testing different avenues for TV distribution.

"The feeling for me about that is it's kind of a way to test the waters for something I'm really excited about, which is this idea of taking the model of independent film, where you make something on your own, where you take it to a festival and sell it, taking that indie film model into the realm of television. There's no secret that there's great things being made for TV, and how many new outlets there are. Every day, you go online and hear about a new place that is doing TV shows. It's going to be like, 'some tree on a street corner is now going to be doing a cable television show.' My feeling is we have lots of places to go now and they're going to need content, so why not do what we did for indie film, for TV."