TBS jdebuted their latest comedy series Wedding Band last weekend, with new episodes airing Saturday nights at 10 PM ET. The series stars Brian Austin Green, Harold Perrineau, Peter Cambor, and Derek Miller as a wedding band dubbed 'Mother of the Bride'. This week's episode, "I Love College", guest stars Megan Fox, the real-life wife of Brian Austin Green, who shares the screen with her husband for the first time. Fanboys will surely love this episode, since the actress portrays the cosplaying Alexia during a wedding at Comic-Con. Check out this scene where Tommy (Brian Austin Green) realizes the power that nerds wield these days, along with a slew of photos from the episode.

Wedding Band Megan Fox Photo 1
Wedding Band Megan Fox Photo 2
Wedding Band Megan Fox Photo 3
Wedding Band Megan Fox Photo 4