The premiere date for Damon Lindelof's upcoming Watchmen series has reportedly been confirmed. The HBO series, which is based on the iconic source material from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, has been a pretty big mystery since it was announced. The show is set in a different timeline from the original source material and will build off of the characters that Moore and Gibbons brought to life. It takes place after the Watchmen have gone their separate ways and it has been labeled as a spiritual successor rather than a direct sequel.

According to an interview with executive producer Damon Lindelof, the Watchmen series will debut October 20th on HBO at 9 PM Eastern. The interview with Lindelof is from the physical edition of TV Guide's 2019 Fall Preview issue and a fan account has linked pictures. As of this writing, HBO has not come out and confirmed the news, so we'll just have to wait and see if the October release date sticks for the Watchmen series.

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In the same interview, Damon Lindelof offers some insight into the Watchmen series and what fans can expect. However, he would not confirm nor deny that Jeremy Irons is playing Ozymandias. Lindelof would only say that there is a take on the iconic character in the show and that it will really surprise comic book fans. As for what the pilot will show, Lindelof was a bit cryptic. He had this to say.

"I want Watchmen to be accessible for people who didn't have an intimate familiarity with the comic. I figured I'm probably doing my job right if everybody is equally confused by the pilot!"

Confusing people who have read the original Watchmen might not be the best approach for launching a new series. However, it's a gamble that could very well end up paying off when all is said and done. When talking further about the show, Damon Lindelof says that the use of firearms will be limited, and that goes for the police too. The world in which the show takes place has strict gun laws and access is severely limited to them. In closing, Lindelof promises that the series will be just as weird as the source material.

The Watchmen comic book series is considered to be high art by a lot of fans. Some would even say it's untouchable, though Zack Snyder did a pretty good job with the big screen adaptation, according to fan reactions over the years. Dave Gibbons has talked to Damon Lindelof about the series and admits that he likes the fresh approach to the material. Alan Moore, on the other hand, is not very excited about HBO making a Watchmen series. Moore has never really been into the idea of someone else taking his work and adapting it for the screen. Regardless, it's coming and an official announcement about the release date is imminent. You can check out the HBO Watchmen Instagram account for the interview scan.

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HBO's Watchmen To Premiere on October 20th?! . It seems that Watchmen might be coming on October 20! The TV Guide's Fall Preview includes an interview with @damonlindelof, who talks about the show and its world and how he was first introduced to the comics. But the biggest thing might be at the beginning of the interview, where it says: "Premieres Sunday, Oct. 20"! HBO still hasn't confirmed the date, but so far it seems to be the date! Also, some interesting things that Lindelof Revealed: 1. The world of Watchmen will include Strict Gun Controls, in a way that even the police have limited access to firearms. 2. Lindelof still doesn't want to confirm that Jeremy Irons is playing Ozymandias! But he says that their take on the character is what will surprise the comic fans the most! 3. He says that the show's pilot is going to be weird both for viewers who never read the original comics and for people who are big fans, and that is their goal: "I want Watchmen to be accessible for people who didn't have an intimate familiarity with the comic. I figured I'm probably doing my job right if everybody is equally confused by the pilot!" Lindelof says with a laugh. 4. He says that the show will continue to be weird just like the comics: "On a scale of 1 to 10, if giant alien squid is a 10, I'm going all the way for the 10.". #WatchmenHBO

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