The last update we got on the new Watchmen TV series from HBO is that it may not happen, with Damon Lindelof stating that he didn't have any meetings at HBO about a Watchmen series, although that has seemingly changed. While we haven't heard anything about this series in the past two months, Damon Lindelof took to social media to tease that production has seemingly gotten under way on this Watchmen show. While there is likely a long way to go before this series debuts on HBO, it seems to be finally moving forward.

The photo surfaced on Damon Lindelof Instagram today, which doesn't feature any of the actors or even any of the sets that will be used for the production. Instead, it was a replica of a very important statue that fans of the Watchmen comics will recognize. This statue has clearly been placed in a conference room, which features two packets of materials at each seat. It's possible that one of those could be Damon Lindelof's pilot script for this Watchmen series, and that this is a read-through for HBO executives. Damon Lindelof wouldn't shed much light on the occasion, only revealing "Day One" in the caption.


In the comics, the statue in question was given to Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl, during the ceremony for his retirement in 1962. Just over two decades later, that very same statue was used by a gang called the Knot Tops, to kill him, after the gang believed that he helped Silk Spectre break Rorshach out of jail, when it was really the second Nite Owl, Dan Dreiberg. In the 2009 movie adaptation, directed by Zack Snyder, Hollis Mason's death was not shown in the theatrical cut, although it was released as part of the deleted scenes on the home video version.

Back in October 2015, HBO developed another Watchmen series, except this was being developed and produced by the original Watchmen director, Zack Snyder. HBO released a statement that "preliminary discussions" have taken place, but nothing was set in stone yet. Ultimately, that version of the series never got off the ground. There were rumors then that the 2012 prequel comic book series "Before Watchmen" could be used as the basis for this series, although that was never confirmed. One of the "Before Watchmen" comics, dubbed "Minutemen," followed Hollis Mason as he recounted his stories from his time with the Minutemen as the original Nite Owl.


The inclusion of this statue in Damon Lindelof's photo could mean anything. It could mean this HBO superhero series is in fact following the events of the primary comic, which will show this statue being used to kill Hollis Mason. It could also signify the crimefighting career that Hollis Mason had as the Nite Owl that earned him this statue, meaning that the show could follow the "Before Watchmen" comics. Regardless, the series is getting under way, and hopefully we'll have more details soon. Until then, take a look at Damon Lindelof's set photo below.

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Day One.

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