WWE star John Cena posted to Watchmen related images on social media that have led to wild speculation that he's going to portray Doctor Manhattan in the new HBO Watchmen TV show. The wrestler poster a picture of the Watchmen logo along with a picture of Doctor Manhattan without any clarification or explanation of his motives. Celebrities post pictures like this all of the time, this could be just wishful thinking on behalf of John Cena as a way of letting producers know that he's interested in the part while gathering his gigantic fan base behind him.

John Cena has acted before in Sisters and Trainwreck, which showed off the wrestler's comedic skills. Additionally, Cena is providing voice work in the upcoming animated Ferdinand as the titular character. This could be a huge role for Cena and he certainly has the physique to pull of the giant, blue Doctor Manhattan, which may be the motive behind posting the pictures on social media. There has been no confirmation from HBO or John Cena in regard to starring in the upcoming Watchmen HBO series. Could Cena really be announcing his involvement in the project over social media?

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Many WWE fans are expecting John Cena to return in 2018 as the WWE prepares for WrestleMania 34, but whether the 16-time World Champion will stay with the company for the duration of WrestleMania season is currently unknown. The Watchmen TV series is still in development with no expected release date, so there's no way to be sure what Cena's schedule will be if he has a role in the show. If John Cena were to actually play the comic book character after this social media tease, it would mark the first major dramatic role for the wrestler, who's cinematic resume has up to this point mainly consisted of action and comedic turns.

In other John Cena news, the wrestler is being sued by Ford Motor Company for allegedly flipping his $463,000 Ford GT supercar for a profit in violation of an agreement that he would not sell it for two years. In a suit filed late last week with the U.S. District Court, the automaker alleges that Cena took delivery of the car in September and later learned that he had sold it. Not just anyone can buy the 647-horsepower supercar. Ford implemented a rigorous vetting process that included previous GT ownership, activity on social media, and signing a legal document stating they wouldn't be selling it for 24 months.

It's unclear if John Cena will be playing Doctor Manhattan in the Watchmen series. The show is currently in development and no other castings have been officially announced, but stranger things have happened. Cena might have to take the gig to pay back the cash that he allegedly owes the Ford Motor Company. You can check out the two social media posts below, courtesy of John Cena's Instagram account and judge for yourself. Is John Cena the next Doctor Manhattan?