In addition to the live-action remake of their animated version of the story at Disney, a follow-up TV series to The Little Mermaid is in the works at CBS Television Studios and Sutton Street Productions. Dubbed Washed Up, the series will be a single-camera comedy show from the mind of writer-producer Gracie Glassmeyer. Reportedly, Glassmeyer also serves as executive producer alongside Jennie Snyder Urman and Joanna Klein. The plan is for Washed Up to stream on NBCUniversal's streaming service Peacock as an exclusive program.

Washed Up will serve as a streaming sequel to the original fairy tale version of The Little Mermaid as authored by Hans Christian Andersen. As it's not a Disney project, the show will also be aimed for older viewers with much more mature content. Set fifteen years after the titular mermaid has traded in her tail to marry a prince as a teenager, the former mermaid "is now miserable, unmotivated and in a loveless marriage. In other words, just a basic bitch human. But when her father suddenly dies, she suspects foul play and embarks on an epic adventure to save not only her underwater kingdom but all of humankind!"

The animated Disney movie features a story that's very similar to the fairy tale, following a teenage mermaid who gives up her life at sea to marry a prince after the two fall in love. One of the biggest differences with the cartoon movie is that it had named the titular mermaid as Ariel, while in the original story, she is simply called the "little mermaid." It remains to be seen if Washed Up will be similarly giving a new name to the princess, or if they'll just be referring to her as Princess Little Mermaid as well. In any case, given the king's death at the start of this new story, we can expect the series to be drastically different than the live-action Little Mermaid movie in production at the House of Mouse.

Washed Up is one of two new shows to be developed by Glassmeyer as a part of her overall deal with CBS TV Studios. The other project, called Here She Lies, is a single-camera dark comedy series executive produced by Yael Grobglas for HBO Max. Grobglas is also set to star in the series as a "pathological liar with a tragic past who's struggling to free herself from the web of lies she can't stop weaving while slowly falling in love with someone who's equally damaged."

Those wanting more of the family-friendly version of The Little Mermaid as told by Disney can look forward to the upcoming live-action remake of the animated classic. Due to the Hollywood shutdown, production has been delayed on the project and no official release date has yet been set. Chloe x Halle singer Halle Bailey will play the new Ariel in the live-action movie with Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy co-starring as Ursula the Sea Witch. News of the new Little Mermaid show in the works for Peacock comes to us from Deadline.