Warner Bros. has released a new application for Apple iOS users dubbed The Day After US, where fans can download and stream episodes of WB TV shows the day after they air.

Users will be treated to the first episode of each series for free, although if you want to explore episodes from previous seasons, it will cost you $2.99 a pop. Fans can also purchase a season pass for $24.99. It isn't entirely clear if each new episode will be free to stream the day after, or if just the first episode users download or stream will be free. Those who share on Facebook that they have downloaded the app will also get a free episode.

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Shows such as Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and The Big Bang Theory are available on this app, but it isn't known if others such as Fringe will be available. Here is the official description of the app from the iTunes store.

"Watch the most current episodes of Warner Bros popular television series the day after they air in the United States! Catch up on these hot shows by watching episodes from previous seasons, all conveniently located in one mobile app. Download the app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and watch the first episode of each series for free. For the complete experience, you can purchase individual episodes or save money and buy whole seasons as you unlock extra content.

App Features Include:

  • Offline playback: Download episodes directly to your device to playback at anytime
  • - Steaming playback: Stream an episode instantly over Wi-Fi
  • - Multiple languages: Watch the episodes in your language of choice
  • - Real-time news: Live Twitter and Facebook updates
  • - Explore WB catalog: Browse other app editions created by Warner Bros.
  • - Localized audio dubs and dynamic subtitles are available in certain languages.

CLICK HERE to download this app for your Apple iOS devices.