Sons of Anarchy series creator/executive producer Kurt Sutter confirmed on his Twitter account last night that the transgender escort Venus Van Dam, played by Justified star Walton Goggins, will be back for Season 7. The executive producer also teased earlier this week that he finished the first cut of the Season 7 Premiere, and that the fans should be "very worried." Take a look at Kurt Sutter's tweets below, then read on for more details.

Venus Van Dam first appeared in Season 5, posing for photos that helped SAMCRO pull off a blackmail scheme, an appearance which took longtime fans of Kurt Sutter and Walton Goggins' groundbreaking series The Shield by surprise.

The character was actually born after Kurt Sutter told Walton Goggins that he and Michael Chiklis were the only two actors from The Shield who he couldn't have on SOA, since he thought it would be hard for FX viewers to accept them as any other characters. When Walton Goggins joked about playing a transgender character, Venus Van Dam was born. The character's name is also an homage to The Shield, since Walton Goggins's character Shane Vendrell often used the name "Cletus Van Damme" as an alias.

Here's what Walton Goggins had to say to Entertainment Weekly about how Kurt Sutter told him about the role.

"He texted me while I was filming [Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained] down in New Orleans, and he said, 'Were you serious?' I said, 'About what?' He said, 'Are you going to play Venus Van Dam?' I said, 'Have you written it?' And he said, 'Yes.' I said, 'Send me the pages.' And I just fell in love with her immediately. It was really important to both of us that we really go there, we make her a three-dimensional person with feelings. Sassy, sweet, smart, and beautiful."

Venus Van Dam also returned in Season 6, when she asked SAMCRO to help save her son from her mother, a child pornography producer, as she got closer to Tig (Kim Coates).

Of course, it isn't known how Venus will fit into the story, but stay tuned for more details.