Actor Walton Goggins is best known to audiences for brilliantly portraying Detective Vic Mackey's tragically doomed partner, Detective Shane Vendrell, for seven seasons on FX's critically acclaimed series, The Shield. Fans of the series will never forget the shocking way his character's arc ended last year when Vendrell, rather than going to jail and facing the consequences of his actions, committed a murder-suicide with his wife and young child. In fact, the actor received a Television Critics Award nomination this year for Best Individual Achievement in Drama for his work on the show. Since the series ended its seven-year run last season, fans have been wondering when the talented actor would be making his return to television? We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Goggins and asked him when fans would be able to see the versatile actor again on the small screen? "It's been a big decision for me to go back into television based on that seven-year experience on The Shield and I've been looking for the right material," said the actor. "I'm doing something as a favor for FX called, Justified, a new series with Tim Olyphant," Goggins continued. "I'm a big fan of Tim's, a long time friend and the network, FX is my home."

Not only is Goggins an accomplished actor but he is also an Oscar winning filmmaker, having produced the 2001 short film, The Accountant, which won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Goggins has a production company, Ginny Mule Pictures, which he runs with his partner, writer Ray McKinnon. They have made several films together including, The Accountant, and the 2009 South By Southwest Special Jury Prize winning film, That Evening Sun, starring veteran actor Hal Holbrook from All The President's Men along side Goggins, which can still be seen in theaters. They are currently working on a new television series, which is being written by McKinnon and will star Goggins in the lead role. The actor is very excited about the new project and was more than happy to tell us all about it. "My partner and I, we have a production company and we have a show at AMC called Rectified, which is about a guy who spends twenty-one years on death row," explained Goggins. "Oddly enough it's about the day he gets out of jail based on DNA evidence. He's this monk-like character who's lived in isolation for twenty-one years. It's the way he views the 21st Century, the way we do today and I'm going to play the lead," he continued. "So that's hopefully going in March. We haven't shot the pilot yet but we hope to be shooting the pilot sometime this spring." Finally, we asked the actor if he felt strange jumping ship from FX, his home for seven-years, to go to rival cable-station AMC? "Yeah I feel like I'm cheating on my wife," joked the actor. "FX is my seven-year relationship but AMC and the material that they're putting out there is on par with FX. It's as good a product as anything that is being done on television today," concluded Goggins.