Another spin off from the world of The Walking Dead will make it's TV return on October 3rd 2021. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is back for a second season. We already knew that this series was set up for a limited run and this would be the final season, but we just got the release date as well as a first look into what is happening with the story.

The World Beyond is very different than the other two series in this zombie filled universe. The story follows a group of teenagers who are currently living in the settlements trying to survive in this new world. Some of them have no idea what the world was like before while others were their to witness the fall. The connection to the other shows ( besides zombies) is the mysterious group known as The Civic Republic, the three-ringed symbol group that flew Rick away when he was left for dead. That group holds the key to the future (so they say) as well as to where Rick has been hiding or living. 

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In season two, we know that we are going to find out more in-regards to this group as the teenagers have left the nest and are out on a mission to find Iris and Hope's father. As well as to why the Civic Republic militia wiped out the Omaha University Commune. 

In the trailer we see that the focus is on this group the Civic Republic and what their true intentions are. We know in the previous season that it dealt a lot with the past, this season is going to focus more on the present as they wrap the story up. We did learn more about the timeline as well. The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple revealed the two-season series takes place after Fear The Walking Dead season 7 but before The Walking Dead season 11 Which means the original show's final run is the furthest forward in time.

Still many questions remain. Are any of these characters going to cross over into the other series? Will we find out more of this group or will the Civic Republic remain a mystery? Where is Rick? Are we going to see him or at least find out some more clues? All or none of these questions could be answered by the end, however more than likely with the flagship show ending for good, we will find something out. 

This season also brings in new characters and expands the world even more. Cobra Kai star Gissette Valentin will appear in season 2 as a new World Beyond character named Corporal Pierce. 

You can catch up by watching all previous seasons right now on Amazon Prime and watch the new teaser or first look of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 right here. Do you have any predictions as to what we can expect? What did you think of the first season? And will you be watching the final season?