Back in April, fans were finally introduced to the iconic Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, where this hated villain killed an unknown member of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) crew in one of the show's biggest cliffhanger's ever. Long before Jeffrey Dean Morgan became the leader of The Saviors on The Walking Dead, he became well-known to TV audiences as John Winchester, the father of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) on The CW's Supernatural. Earlier today, Jensen Ackles decided to reach out to his former TV dad with a surprise on social media, teasing a hilarious crossover between The Walking Dead and Supernatural.

The Twitter exchange started this afternoon when Jensen Ackles tweeted out an Instagram photo with a caption that read, "Hey Dad, you left something in the Impala," with the photo featuring a replica of the barbed-wire bat Lucille from The Walking Dead resting on the Impala's hood. Jensen Ackles also tweeted out another photo of him holding the bat, while sitting on the hood of the Impala, asking Jeffrey Dean Morgan if he can try out the bat, adding that he shouldn't miss tonight's episode of Supernatural, since it's a "knockout."

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Less than 15 minutes later, Jeffrey Dean Morgan responded, telling Jensen Ackles that he wasn't supposed to find that, and that he'll need it back. He also took a bit of a jab at his TV son, stating that he already gave him his car and that he, "Sorta, died for you." Jensen Ackles responded in kind by telling his TV dad that he was right, and he'll send back the barbed-wire bat, along with a "red scarf" he found.

Naturally, there's no logistical way that these shows could cross over, but it's still humorous, to say the least. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared in 12 episodes of Supernatural, with his last physical appearance on the show in the Season 2 finale "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2," where he was killed by Azazel. His voice was also featured in the 2008 episode "Long Distance Call," but last year, Jeffrey Dean Morgan hinted that he would like to bring John Winchester back.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed in an interview last year that he would "absolutely love" to come back to Supernatural, and that he wants to have Jensen Ackles direct the episode he comes back for. That may be much more difficult now that he will be a regular fixture on AMC's The Walking Dead, unless the series wildly deviates from the comic and kills off Negan, who is still alive in the Robert Kirkman comic book series the show is based on. Take a look at the tweets between Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan below, as we try to picture what a Supernatural/Walking Dead crossover might look like.