Rick doesn't often find time to smile on The Walking Dead, but a mashup video that turns the zombie apocalypse thriller into a bright and happy 80s sitcom would surely be enough to put a giant grin on his unshaven face. As it sure has made some people very happy. In honor of Halloween, we're revisiting this great viral video, which turns Rick and his family of survivors into a typical 80s comedy cast, all eager to win laughs and applause just for showing up.

The Walking Dead returned for Season 8 this past Sunday, and despite a fairly action-packed episode that ignited an all-out war between Negan's Saviors and the rest of the remaining world, the ratings were the lowest they've been since Season 3. The Walking Dead is attempting to reinvent itself after a rather lackluster Season 7, which had a lot of longtime faithfuls tuning out.


Perhaps instead of going with the pure, unadulterated action angle this year, they should have made a more comedic series, throwing in some jokes and witty banter. If there's one thing the popular AMC show has always been short on, it's laughs. And this past week's episode was no different. Except for the inclusion of Weird Al's hit 80s parody Another One Rides the Bus, which is a funny take on Queen's Another One Bites the Dust. Only, this wasn't played for chuckles. It was weird, slightly disturbing, and even Weird Al himself didn't know what to think about it (though he did call it an honor).


We're sure AMC would never turn The Walking Dead into a comedy. Amazon tried to go that route with their Zombieland TV show, which adapted the blockbuster movie for the small screen. It didn't get past the pilot stage, and proved that when it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse, there's not a lot to joke about.

This original video was made way back in 2012, when The Walking Dead was still in its infancy. Which is why it might look rather dated. A lot of survivors have come and gone in the past five years. This 80s TV mashup arrived before Season 2 had reached it's climactic barn burning episode, when Rick still looked so young, and Carl was just an innocent child. We'd yet to get to Hershel's farm. Glenn hadn't hooked up with Maggie. And Shane was still very much alive. There was no Governor. And Negan was off somewhere amassing his few remaining Ping-Pong students into the army of Saviors we know today. That's why you don't see them here.


While this Growing Pains mashup video was meant to be nostalgic for 80s TV, it's now making us nostalgic for the good old days of The Walking Dead, when Merle Dixon was still alive and kicking. The great thing about this mashup video is that it does find video evidence that Rick and his friends did find the time to smile once in awhile during those early days. And it offers a cruel reminder of some of the ones we've lost, like the aforementioned Shane, played by Jon Bernthal, Glenn played by Steven Yeun, and Jeffrey DeMunn's Dale. Take a look and enjoy as The Walking Dead becomes the most hilarious sitcom of the 80s.