HBO's Sesame Street decided to get a little gritty with their The Walking Dead parody that features "crumbies" as zombies in The Walking Gingerbread. It's quite amazing to see something so pure and innocent parody something that is so dark and violent, especially since this was actually officially made by Sesame Street, not some random YouTuber. In addition, the video is really well done and quite creepy when you think of some cannibalistic gingerbread cookies stealing Cookie Monster's cookies every time he opens a new box, which for anybody who knows Cookie Monster, knows that's the struggle for the character.

The Walking Gingerbread reimagines Cookie Monster as Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes, his name is Sheriff Graham, who is quickly invaded upon by ravenous cookie-eating gingerbread men and women. Cookie Monster is rescued by D'oro (Daryl Dixon) and Macaroon (Michonne), who warn the Sheriff of the "Crumbies," who have come from a "bad batch of gingerbread to devour all the cookies," which is definitely a living, breathing nightmare for Cookie Monster. The trio of cookie massacre survivors make their way to the Cookie Safe Zone free from Crumbies, where they meet the trustworthy, complete with an eye patch wearing, Governor, which was truly unexpected to say the least.

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Since it is Sesame Street, there is a lesson to be learned and this time, it's self-control. Cookie Monster must learn to restrain himself from eating the cookies and therefore, teaches the Crumbies about self-control as well. The entire 5-minute video is truly done very well with a bunch of references awaiting even the most casual Walking Dead fan and one could easily imagine watching an entire hour-long episode of Cookie Monster as Sheriff Graham, so hopefully Sesame Street does more of The Walking Dead in the future. The iconic children's TV show has ramped up the number of parodies over the years.

The current parody follows after a string of successful TV/Movie parodies over the years for Sesame Street including HBO's Game of Thrones as well as The Hunger Games. In addition, The Avengers, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black (Orange is the New Snack), and Sons of Anarchy are just a handful of the properties that have received kid friendly (and educational) spoofs on the long running show, now in its 47th Season. The educational show has really stepped it up in terms of making something for kids that adults aren't nauseated to watch every single day.

While we patiently (or not so patiently) wait for The Walking Dead to premiere its 100th episode tonight for Season 8, The Walking Gingerbread should give you a good dose of lighthearted comedy and education about self-control to tide you over the few more hours that we have to wait. Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres tonight on AMC, but make sure you check out the brand-new parody by Sesame Street below, courtesy of the official Sesame Street YouTube channel.