The first footage from The Walking Dead season 9 is here. AMC is holding a huge panel for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead during San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, which is where the full trailer for season 9 of the hit series will rear its post-apocalyptic head. However, the network decided to offer up a tease of what's to come with a brief but very compelling teaser that is sure to have fans asking some tough questions about what Rick and the gang are going to be facing this fall.

The footage opens up with Daryl and Maggie walking on a lonesome, deserted road. We see what can only be referred to as Old Man Rick wandering about, looking like this world is starting to get the best of him, which is understandable given everything the man has gone through. We also see Michonne talking to Maggie about make some rules. "An agreement between all of the communities," as she puts it, but in a cryptic tone. She lays out some of her thoughts on what these rules will be and what might happen if the rules aren't followed. Daryl then punches someone in the face. Hard. Looks like a civil war between the communities could be brewing.


At the very end of the trailer, it's said, unsurprisingly, that the first full trailer for The Walking Dead season 9 arrives tomorrow to coincide with the show's SDCC 2018 presentation. Even though the show has been losing a lot of fans over the last few years, it's still easily one of the biggest shows on TV and, given what's set to occur this season, they may just manage to gain back some of that audience. At the very least, they may not experience a significant drop-off again.

Both Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, and Lauren Cohan, who portrays Maggie, are set to depart during the events of season 9. While AMC has yet to confirm this, as to try and keep the element of surprise in place, it's a done deal. Cohan has a new show, Whiskey Cavallier, that she's the lead in and multiple reports have confirmed that Lincoln is on his way out. Plus, the show is making a huge time jump this season. This will almost end up being like a soft reboot for the long-running series. Much of this is sure to come up during the SDCC panel. Though, it's doubtful much will be revealed, in terms of specifics.


Angela Kang joins the series as the new showrunner this year, with Scott M. Gimple moving up to oversee the entire Walking Dead universe for the network. AMC hasn't yet announced a premiere date, but that will likely change tomorrow. We do know that it will be back on the air this October. While we wait for the full trailer to arrive, be sure to check out the first Walking Dead season 9 teaser trailer, courtesy of the AMC YouTube channel, for yourself below.