It's an interesting time to be a fan of The Walking Dead. The upcoming season is set to feature a time jump and will almost serve as a soft reboot of the series, given where things left off in the season 8 finale. Not to mention that they're bringing in a new showrunner in the form of Angela Kang, who has served as a writer on the show for some time. But that's not the only big change on the horizon. Andrew Lincoln is reportedly departing during The Walking Dead season 9. That's led many to assume Rick is going to die, but rumors of Rick's death may have been greatly exaggerated. At least, a tweet has fans thinking that may be the case.

Assuming Rick is going to kick the bucket during The Walking Dead season 9, that would serve as a pretty big spoiler and something that the folks at AMC surely wouldn't want out in the open. But the cat is out of the bag already and that's something they have to deal with. A new post from the official Twitter account from the hit series has fans wondering what is actually going on here. The tweet simply reads as follows.

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"Don't believe everything you hear"

Given the reports that have been circulating, it's easy to read into that. It's also well worth mentioning that Lauren Cohan is reportedly leaving the show and that Norman Reedus is going to be getting a major payday to take over as the new lead. So there are a lot of moving pieces right now and that tweet could be referencing any number of speculation related to these various reports. But the clear favorite is that this has to do with Andrew Lincoln and the fate of Rick Grimes.

Let's assume that Andrew Lincoln is indeed leaving the show. Nobody from AMC has denied the reports and it seems more than plausible. The people behind The Walking Dead want to do what they can to keep the element of suspense and surprise alive next season. What if Rick isn't going to die? What if Lincoln is going to leave the show but bow out gracefully somehow and not die? The assumption has largely been that he's going to die but maybe they're going to throw us a curveball.

Ultimately, this just feels like something to throw us off the scent. What we know for sure is that big changes are coming when The Walking Dead returns on AMC this fall. That much is certain. We'll probably find out at least a little bit more about what is coming our way at San Diego Comic-Con later this month. How they're going to manage that panel without giving any of the surprises away is going to be interesting. Perhaps the season 9 trailer will provide some answers, but if history tells us anything it's likely to raise more questions. You can check out the post from The Walking Dead Twitter account for yourself below and speculate away.