AMC has released two brand-new posters for Season 9 of The Walking Dead as well as the second half of Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. The new posters arrive as details about the presence of the hit franchise's appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con were announced. The cast and producers of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will appear in Hall H on Thursday, July 19th starting at 11:15 AM Pacific Time. Fans in attendance should also check out Dead Quarters, which is the official fan zone of the franchise, offering an immersive experience.

The Walking Dead Season 9 poster shows a burnt out Capitol dome that is crumbling, which could be a clever shot at the current inhabitant of the White House. This will be the first time that the White House has been shown in the hit show. For the most part, The Walking Dead has taken place in or around the Alexandria, Virginia area. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, and Maggie are all featured on the new poster, with Rick sporting a new look, hair buzzed and beard trimmed. Additionally, Maggie's hair is longer, which means that we could be looking at some time jumping.


In addition to the hints of time jumping, there's also a silhouette of a helicopter above Michonne's left shoulder. The helicopter has shown up randomly in The Walking Dead for years, but it's still a mystery as to who or what is actually piloting it. Perhaps Season 9 will provide an answer to the mystery? We'll find out once the show returns this October.

Fear the Walking Dead's new poster is entitled, "No Calm After the Storm." The poster features recently united survivors Morgan, Alicia Clark, Strand, Luciana, June, John Dorie, and Althea against a stormy backdrop. There's not going to be any time to mourn the loss of Madison when the second half of Season 4 starts in August. The newly united crew are going to have to soldier on in the severe storm that will offer no calm when all is said and done. However, they will still try and find some kind of hope on their mission.


The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres in October and Fear the Walking Dead will resume its 4th season on August 12th. What will the storm bring the survivors in the spin-off series? It's not clear at the moment, but Season 9 of the original series is set to finally bring the team to Washington, D.C. Additionally, Jon Bernthal will return for one episode to reprise his role of fan-favorite Shane, which adds another mystery to hit AMC show. Hopefully San Diego Comic-Con will be chalk full of surprises along with some teaser footage from The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. In the meantime, you can check out both of the brand-new posters below, provided by AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 9 poster
Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 poster