Samantha Morton's Alpha prepares her gruesome mask in the latest trailer for AMC's The Walking Dead. Pictures of the Whisperers leader were revealed earlier this week featuring the character in her infamous mask, and now we have a video of her putting said mask on and it's pretty gross. Fans of the hit show have been wondering if Morton would have a bald head like her character does in the comics and the new trailer proves that she does, which should hopefully satisfy some fans.

The second half of Season 9 premieres next year and everybody is getting excited to see the debut of Samantha Morton's Alpha and her Whisperers. In The Walking Dead trailer, she can be seen sewing the flesh of a zombie together to make her mask and it's pretty unsettling. It looks like Season 9 is going to be ramped up considerably for the second half, which is something else that fans will be glad to hear. The addition of the Whisperers is something that many have been waiting for since the show debuted.

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Alpha's Whisperers mask was disturbing before, but watching her peel the skin off of a dead person is pretty gnarly. This latest trailer for The Walking Dead may be a bit much for some people to handle, so consider yourself warned. If you're cool with somebody fashioning as mask out of someone's dead and rotting face, you're good to go and will probably be delighted by what you see. One can only imagine what that mask smells like on the inside, and to make matters worse, Alpha doesn't appear to be cleaning it either.

Beta, who is Alpha's right hand, is played by Sons of Anarchy actor Ryan Hurst. Since it looks like the show is going for comic book accuracy in terms of looks, The Walking Dead Season 9 will feature Beta with his trademark half-mask that lets his beard take a breather below it. Hurst was originally seen in the first Season 9 midseason trailer that was released when the show ended the first half of this episode run.

The Walking Dead Season 9 continues on February 10th, which is just around the corner. The Whisperers are going to add an interesting dynamic to the show and many are hoping that the gruesome looking characters will give the series the shot in the arm that it needs. Ratings for The Walking Dead have been dwindling over the past two seasons, so it will be cool to see if Alpha and her gang of Whisperers can scare up some ratings while wearing the rotting flesh of others on their faces. You can watch Alpha get prepared for battle below, thanks to the AMC YouTube channel.