We have ourselves a little preview of what's to come on The Walking Dead season 9 premiere this weekend. AMC has released a new clip from the upcoming episode, which makes a pretty significant leap forward in time following the end of the All Out War storyline. Negan is no longer a threat, or so it would seem, and the communities have rallied around Rick Grimes. But as we know, Rick's days on the show are nearly numbered and this clip offers a taste of his final episodes.

The clip features Michonne and Daryl heading to the Sanctuary to get some updates from Eugene. Rick's arrival is announced like that of a true leader and it shows just how far he's come. Things seem peaceful, by Walking Dead standards anyway. Though, it's clear that death is still very much a part of this world and, thanks to some unsettling and ominous graffiti spotted on one of the walls, it's obvious that the troubles for those who have survived this long in the zombie wasteland are far from over.


Walkers are never not going to be a problem, but with the time jump we're about to experience in The Walking Dead season 9, it will have been about a decade since the zombie apocalypse first started to take hold. That opens up doors to explore some interesting issues. Human infrastructure hasn't been kept up and is literally starting to crumble. That's surely going to present some unique challenges. Not to mention the ongoing struggle for power and order, that naturally comes with conflicting ideas, as the remaining humans attempt to rebuild some sort of civilization.

There are a lot of questions fans have heading into the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the biggest cat is out of the bag as it's already been announced that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show, meaning Rick Grimes will no longer be the lead. Even though fans are aware of his impending departure, it will be interesting to see how the creative team handles his exit. Scott M. Gimple has been promoted to oversee the entire Walking Dead universe for AMC, leaving the decision in the hands of new showrunner, Angela Kang. No pressure or anything, just the show losing its fearless leader after nearly a decade.


Not only that, but Lauren Cohan's Maggie will also be written off the series this season. But the door is being left open for a possible return in season 10. It's no secret that quite a few viewers have lost interest in the show over the past couple of seasons. It still remains the biggest show on cable TV, but given AMC's lofty plans to keep The Walking Dead universe alive for another decade, it wouldn't hurt to get some of those old viewers back on board this year. The Walking Dead season 9 premiere is set for Sunday, October 7. Be sure to check out the new clip from the AMC YouTube channel for yourself below.