If you watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, odds are, you're still in total shock over what just happened. And you have every right to be. The series may well have just delivered its most shocking moment ever, which is a bold but warranted statement, given the circumstances. Now, showrunner Scott M. Gimple confirms that The Walking Dead really did just doom that character to death.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season 8 mid-season finale. Seriously, this isn't your average spoiler warning. If you haven't watched it, turn back now. Yes, it's been confirmed that Carl Grimes is getting killed off. No more Chandler Riggs. He's not dead just yet, but it's inevitable, given his walker bite, which has been confirmed by the man in charge. Here's what Scott M. Gimple had to say about on Talking Dead, which aired on AMC immediately following the Walking Dead mid-season finale.

"The bite is gonna play out as we've seen bites play out, and it's very important to Carl's story and the entire story, what happens in the next episode. So I'm just focused on the fact that Carl, right now, is alive. He has some business to attend to. Yeah, that is a one-way ticket, but I'd like to think that the things we see in the next episode are so important to his life, and the other characters' lives."

During the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 8, Carl Grimes was in a battle with The Saviors. Not uncommon or unexpected as of late on the series. But after the dust settles from the battle, he reveals that he has a Walker bite on his torso. This isn't like Hershel where they can just chop something off and call it a day. Carl is going to die. There's no getting around it.


The Walking Dead has pulled off some truly tragic character deaths over the years, but this is easily one of the biggest, if not the single biggest one to date. After Negan bashed in Glenn's skull at the beginning of season 7, it seemed tough to top. But The Walking Dead just pulled it off. Well, we haven't actually seen the death yet, but we know it's coming. Poor Rick. This death will have major implications and will make the next episode of the series must-see TV for millions of fans. What is this business Carl has to attend to? Who's going to be the one to put him down once he turns?

Carl is one of only five remaining original cast members on The Walking Dead. Come the mid-season premiere on February 25, it'll be just four. It's also interesting to note that Carl Grimes is still alive in The Walking Dead comics. Granted, the show has a history of diverging, but this is a massive diversion. Maybe AMC really wanted a ratings boost. In any case, Chandler Riggs is officially out of a job.