AMC's The Walking Dead returns to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors in The Big Scary U. Season 8 has been all team Rick (Andrew Lincoln) to this point. The point of view is flipped as we see the bad guys react to the uprising. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is stuck in a tricky predicament. Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) have a disagreement on tactics. The Saviors struggle to deal with the sea of walkers trapping them in the Sanctuary.

The Big Scary U begins with a voiceover black screen. Father Gabriel is praying. He expects that death is near, but hopes that it is not pointless. We then cut to Gregory (Xander Berkeley) being awoken in a bunk bed. Simon (Steven Ogg) has brought him a pancake breakfast. We've jumped back in time to right before Rick's attack. Gregory had fled the Hilltop and was going to reveal the rebellion. But it seems that Simon had wind of this already from someone on Rick's side.


Gregory is giving Negan and the Savior leadership the rundown of events at the Hilltop. "A fox has come into his hen house", as he refers to Maggie taking over. Simon wants to move on the Hilltop in force, but Negan refuses angrily. People are the most valuable thing. He wants to make examples of Rick, Maggie, and King Ezekiel. They die publicly and horribly. Others will get the point. Suddenly they hear gunshots outside. Negan looks out a window and sees Rick's convoy arrive. He goes outside to talk to him.

In the present, Negan and Father Gabriel are both trapped in the trailer. They have a brief scuffle before Negan calms things down. Negan rips into Rick for causing all of this violence. Gabriel retorts that he is the cause. Negan mocks him for trying to save Gregory and getting stuck with him. Gabriel responds that maybe he was meant to be hear Negan's confession.


Daryl and Rick have found the Savior from the truck. He curses them, saying they will all be killed. Back at the trailer, Negan and Gabriel are still talking. Negan has nothing to confess. People will die because he is not there to stop it. Meanwhile in the Savior conference room, the lieutenants struggle to deal with the situation. Regina wants to sacrifice the workers and escape. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) says that's a bad idea. Dwight (Austin Amelio) agrees. Simon thinks they need to find the mole that set up the attack. He looks squarely at Eugene.

Eugene goes to Dwight's room with a jar of pickles. He gives them to Dwight, thanking him for having his back. He touches a painted chess set that Dwight had made, leaving a red spot on his thumb. Back at the trailer, Gabriel asks who Negan helped before the apocalypse. Negan responds "kids", they need the guidance. He prevented "little a**holes from becoming big a**holes".


The walkers start to breakthrough the trailer bottom. Negan talks about conquering The Sanctuary. The leader before him "wasn't in charge of sh--." Negan doesn't allow weakness. He tells Gabriel that he is his new "special project". Gabriel tells him of his actions at the satellite compound. Negan mocks him for killing people in their sleep. Gabriel then talks about Negan's forced wives. This riles Negan up. He turns his back briefly and is attacked by Gabriel. Gabriel grabs his gun, then locks himself into a closet. Negan smashes the head of a walker that has broken through.

Daryl and Rick find explosives in the truck. Daryl wants to use them on the Sanctuary, but Rick doesn't want the workers killed. Daryl decides to leave with the explosives. Rick stops him, they get into a fight. The truck catches on fire as they tussle, exploding as they run away. Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, the lights have gone out. Rick's truck doesn't start up. He tells Daryl that they have a plan. Daryl takes off down the highway, while Rick walks in the opposite direction.


Negan knows the trailer is about to be breached. He tells Gabriel it's time for them to leave. Gabriel confesses to his greatest sin, leaving his flock to die outside the church. Negan is impressed by his cowardliness. Negan replies that he had a wife, a real wife. He was a bad husband. When she turned, he didn't have the courage "to put her down". Gabriel comes out and gives him back his gun. Negan punches him once. He then takes the walker's entrails and starts covering his body. He explains they can use this to fool the walkers. Gabriel starts getting bloody as well, "We're from Georgia."

Negan starts banging on the door. Then opens it. They stand still as the walkers stream inside. They slowly shuffle their way through the horde, but Negan is tripped up. Gabriel uses the gun and starts blowing heads off. Negan whacks away with Lucille. They make it to the other side. As they approach the stairs, walkers start falling on top of them.


The Savior lieutenants have a new problem. The workers have come upstairs. They are demanding water. Do they have a plan for escape? Where is Negan? Simon starts to threaten them, but they are unmoved. Regina kills one, screaming "I am Negan". Suddenly they hear whistling. Everyone kneels as Negan and Gabriel enter the hallway. He tells everyone that he's going to get a shower, massage, and then deal with the business at hand. A worker yells "thank God for Negan". Negan tells his men to handle Gabriel gently.

Later in the conference room, a bag of weapons used against them is brought up. Eugene notices the paint on the bag, the same from Dwight's toy chess set. He looks alarmingly at Dwight. Meanwhile, Rick is walking down a long road. A man sees him through a telescope. A helicopter flies overhead. Back at the Sanctuary, Negan corners Eugene. He wants him to find out who the mole is, and figure out a way to deal with the walkers trapping them. Even if he fails, Negan promises him a quick death once they run out of food and water.


Eugene approaches where Gabriel's locked up. He's brought him a pillow and a blanket. Eugene opens the door to find Gabriel sick and sweating. He wants to take him to Dr. Carson, but Gabriel says no. They have to take the doctor to Maggie.

"The Big Scary U" was interesting to a point. The idea of Gabriel becoming a project for Negan does have merit. But the fact that the Saviors are so clueless to respond to the attack is entirely nonsensical. Rick and Daryl are clearly not on the same page. There will be a conflict how to deal with the Savior prisoners. Rick, once again, is trying to forge an alliance with the junkyard community. They betrayed him to Negan before; we'll see how it goes the second time, next week on AMC.

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