Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting since April 2nd for the 8th Season and now that it's finally here, the long week wait is upon us for episode 2. The last 6 months have more or less been a breeze while waiting for the 100th episode and Season 8 debut, but now we have to wait an entire week for episode 2. Thankfully, episode 2, entitled The Damned, was teased after last night's season 8 premiere and things are already starting to ramp up for the all-out-war that fans have been waiting for since the hit AMC show made its debut.

SPOILER WARNING AHEAD - Speculation has already begun amongst fans about why Rick counted from 10 and shot at 5 as well as why he and his crew were wasting so much ammo shooting out the windows. In addition, why is Negan still alive after he could have been killed so easy? There were also a lot of throwbacks to things we may have seen and flash forwards to things we haven't.

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The brief teaser for episode 2, "The Damned," features Jesus and Morgan weighing their options on the next attack. Many long-time fans are excited to get a sneak peek into some of the lesser known characters and the next episode of The Walking Dead looks like it will give those fans what they have been looking for. As usual, the clip is really short and doesn't tease out any of the plot except that Jesus and Morgan will not be able to use their guns during said attack. What will happen to Gabriel? The first possibility which comes to mind is that Negan is threatening Gabriel, recognizing him as one of Rick's group and intending to take out all his anger and frustration over just getting beaten by Rick on the good Father.

While it will still be a while before we get the ratings measurements for Sunday night's 100th episode and premiere for Season 8 of The Walking Dead, the hit show began to see a ratings dip last season. In fact, last season hit a 5-year ratings low for the hit show. However, most networks would make a human sacrifice to get the kind of numbers that The Walking Dead commands even after an all-time low for the series. Season 8 has plenty of hype surrounding it along with the promise of the all-out-war from the comic as well as an upcoming crossover with Fear the Walking Dead.

Regardless of ratings, AMC still has a monster hit on its hands for Season 8 of The Walking Dead. If the latest episode and the 30-second teaser for episode 2 are any indication, fans are in for one hell of a suspenseful ride this time around. What exactly are Jesus and Morgan up to with their next attack? If or when is Negan finally going to get it? So many questions, but thankfully, we only have 7 more days to go. You can check out the official teaser for episode 2 of Season 8 of The Walking Dead below, courtesy of the AMC YouTube channel.