Season eight's penultimate episode finally sets up the showdown we've been waiting for. The Walking Dead has spent the second half of the season meandering to the inevitable. Worth sees Carl's letters finally read. Simon (Steven Ogg) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) get their due from Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Aaron (Ross Marquand) gets another chance to recruit the Oceanside community. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) make a move against Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

"Worth" opens with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on the balcony at Barrington House. He reads Carl's final words to him. Carl talks about holding his father's hands as a child. They used to take walks together. They made him feel safe. He waxes poetic about his mother, barbecues, and the kiddie pool. He then talks about ending the war with the Saviors, "If they don't end it, you have to". Carl implores his father to continue those walks with Judith, and try to bring back normalcy.


In their room, Michonne (Danai Gurira) lays in bed. She goes to the drawer and takes out Carl's letter to Negan. We then cut to the Sanctuary. Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is begging Simon to take him back. Simon tells him that he's now "the man" with the "juice". Gregory refuses to be kicked out; he's worked too hard to this point. Simon knocks him down. He was going to kill Gregory, but will have him prove his worth by getting coffee.

At the Oceanside Community, Cindy and her sisters are walking in the woods. Aaron comes out of nowhere to kill a walker in their path. He collapses before them weakly. They ignore him. At the bullet factory, Eugene is eating a bowl of mac and cheese with sardines. He instructs Negan's wives to only prepare his recipe until the order is done. He yells at a still recovering Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Keep your surgical mask on. He then inspects a flawed bullet built by Gabriel. The priest admits to fearing death. He wants to live, but doesn't want to betray his friends. Eugene orders him to a corner to cry.


Eugene ventures outside the factory to test the bullets. He's ambushed by Rosita and Daryl. At the Sanctuary, Negan presents himself to Dwight when he's smoking. Negan confirms Dwight's loyalty. He tells him to remember their talk. At the conference table, Simon apologizes to Negan for disobeying him. He thanks Simon for helping him take the Sanctuary. Negan has him kneel before Lucille. But he doesn't kill him, he grants forgiveness. Simon replies that he won't let him down.

Negan unveils a new plan on a map. They will encircle the Hilltop with new posts. Stock them with ammo, then pick off the Hilltop people every time they try to leave. It will be victory by attrition. He orders everyone out, but asks Dwight to stay. Negan commends Dwight for staying after "the sizzle" and Sherry.


Daryl and Rosita are walking a handcuffed Eugene. He babbles until Daryl threatens to cut out his tongue. Eugene reminds Rosita that he saved her life by taking credit for making the bullet. Rosita scoffs, Eugene helped the Saviors escape the Sanctuary. Everything that happened after that is his fault. They're not going to kill him. They will put him in the "darkest hole". He will see daylight only when they need his brains.

At the Sanctuary, Dwight copies Negan's plan on another map. He hides it when Simon enters the room. Simon wants to stay in charge. He's planning a revolt. Simon asks Dwight to meet him in the yard with the likeminded. The rebellion is unfortunately a bust. Dwight leads Simon into a trap. Negan and his men mow down the conspirators. Negan crushes their heads with Lucille, before giving Simon a shot at being "the man".


Daryl, Rosita, and Eugene come upon walkers in the road. Daryl goes to dispatch them. Eugene sticks his fingers down his throat, then pukes the mac and cheese all over Rosita. He takes off running. She gives chase with Daryl, but Eugene has hidden himself under dirt and ash.

At the Sanctuary, everyone is gathered around Simon and Negan. Simon yells that it's time for a change. He decks Negan during his monologue. The pair trade blows as the Saviors watch in silence. Dwight takes the opportunity to sneak Gregory away. He gives Gregory the map of the new posts. Dwight has secured a car, go to Rick and end this war. Meanwhile, Negan throws Simon on the ground. He crushes Simon's throat and kills him.


Aaron is lying down in the rain. He's catching water in a tin can. Suddenly he's attacked by walkers. He kills them all before collapsing weakly into the mud. The Oceanside colonists surround him. He implores them to fight the Saviors. Negan made them hide, killed their men.

At the bullet factory, a dirty and angry Eugene has returned. The Saviors inform him of Negan's return and the plan for the following day. He orders Gabriel back to his post. And then takes his seat on the line. They will finish the bullets to end this war.

At the Sanctuary, Simon is now a walker chained to the gate. Negan congratulates Dwight on his help. He promotes him to his second in command. Negan walks Dwight back to his room. Dwight opens the door to find Laura (Lindsay Register) waiting. She has exposed his long deception. Negan curses Dwight for his backstabbing. He thanks him for delivering the false plan to Rick. The Saviors circle Dwight. Negan isn't through with him yet.


At the Hilltop, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) locks Gregory back in the pen. He's brought Dwight's fake map. Maggie asks Rick what they're going to do. At the Sanctuary, Negan is overlooking the yard. The radio squawks to life. It is Michonne; she has his letter from Carl. She reads aloud. Carl got bit trying to help someone. He implores Negan to try and find peace, that Negan did not have to be this way. Negan cuts off Michonne. The time for peace is over. He wants them all dead. He smashes the walkie-talkie with his boots.

"Worth" lays the endgame for Rick and the Hilltop. Will they fall into Negan's trap by following Dwight's map blindly? Does Eugene deliver an arsenal to Negan to finish the job? Has Aaron finally convinced the Oceanside to join the fight? Tune in next week for The Walking Dead season eight finale on AMC.

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