The Walking Dead continues to milk absurd storylines. Still Gotta Mean Something started with promise before devolving into utter nonsense. We find out what happened between Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan (Lennie James) catch up to the escaped Saviors. Carol (Melissa McBride) searches for Henry (Macsen Lintz), while Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) pay Eugene (Josh McDermitt) a visit.

Still Gotta Mean Something opens with a flashback at the junkyard. Jadis runs from the Saviors as Simon slaughters her people. She covers herself with blood from a body, then plays dead as a Savior walks by. After the carnage, Jadis gets up and undresses to her previously seen pristine white slip. In the present, Jadis is in her room, a container with a dress and a bed. She packs her clothes into a suitcase, then proceeds to another container. She has Negan tied down to rollers. He wonders "what the shit is going on" as she drags him outside.


At the Hilltop, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) wants Carol to help him search for Henry. She refuses. Ezekiel brands her a coward for giving up. Tara (Alana Masterson) discusses her wound with Daryl. She has not turned. Dwight did not try to kill her. His arrow was not tainted. Tara has forgiven Dwight, she tells Daryl he must do what he needs to do.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) weeps as she reads her note from Carl. Rick comes into their room. He is leaving to find food. She begs him to read Carl's note, but he cannot. Morgan is leaving the Hilltop to hunt the escapees. Carol decides to join him and search for Henry. Morgan admits to her that he is not right. In her office, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is updated on their situation. They are low on ammo and food. Daryl believes the Saviors are in a similar dilemma. Rosita disagrees, they have Eugene to make bullets.


Jadis has Negan on a tarp. Nearby she prepares a fire in a cart. Negan swears he had nothing to do with Simon's massacre, "People are a resource". He apologizes and offers to help her. She grabs Lucille and swings it within an inch of his face.

Morgan and Carol are in the woods. Morgan sees Henry and runs after him. He realizes it's another hallucination. Carol tells Morgan that she is there to look after him. He says, "You save people, but you can't save the dead." They come across a dead walker. The Saviors have been here.

At the Hilltop, Rick sees Judith with Carl's hat. He finds Alden and asks him where the Saviors could possibly be. Alden tells him about an old bar. He begs Rick to try and bring them back. Some of them made the wrong choice in that instant to run.


At the junkyard, the timer goes off on Jadis' watch. As she wheels another staked walker to Negan, he has pushed himself toward her stuff. She finds him with a gun, a flare, and her precious photos. Morgan and Carol see a herd in the distance. Carol sees a walker with Henry's stick through its gut. She wants to follow where it came from. Morgan disagrees. He has to kill the Saviors. He "doesn't die, just watches others die". They go their separate ways.

Jadis and Negan are in a standoff. He curses her for using the walker against him. She begs him to put away the flare. Negan tells her about his wife. She helped him survive, so he named the bat after her. It's all he has left. She pushes the walker towards him, but he shoots it with the gun. The flare falls into a puddle of water. Her watch alarm goes off again. Suddenly a helicopter appears over the junkyard. Jadis runs to grab another flare, but it's too late. The chopper flies away.


Morgan runs into Rick. They find severed limbs beside a car. They are knocked out from behind. Rick awakens to find himself tied up beside Morgan in the bar. The Saviors are arguing about their injured. Jared wants to leave them behind. They will be rewarded if they bring Rick back to Negan. Rick offers them help. They can use his truck to save their injured. He gives them his word they will be safe at the Hilltop.

Some of the Saviors want to take Rick's offer. Morgan laughs, he came there to kill them all. Jared puts a rifle in his face. Morgan says "save your bullets", the walker herd has arrived. They are overrun. A Savior unties Rick and Morgan. He pays the price as Rick and Morgan attack the Saviors. Jared tries to escape, but is cornered by Morgan. Morgan sees Henry again as he traps Jared behind a gate. Morgan holds Jared as the walkers tear into his flesh. Rick puts a bullet through the head of a Savior that wanted mercy. He lied about amnesty. As they leave the bar, Rick asked Morgan why he saved him, in the beginning. Morgan replies, "Because my son was there".


At the junkyard, Negan has been released by Jadis. With Lucille in hand, he asks her what was the deal with the helicopter. She stays silent. He offers her a place at the Sanctuary. She declines. Negan leaves, but promises to "swing back sometime".

At night in the woods, Carol finds a bloody piece of Henry's armor. She is about to break down, then hears his scream for help. Henry is in the water, hiding under tree roots from three walkers. Carol kills them easily. They share a teary embrace as Henry apologizes for running away.

At the Hilltop, Jerry opens the gates for Carol and Henry. Henry runs into Ezekiel's arms. Carol then tells Ezekiel about her daughter. She was lost after her death, but found herself again with the others. She understands that everything can be "swept away", but "she will find herself again". The gate reopens for Rick and Morgan. Morgan is overjoyed to see Henry. He tells him he killed the man that killed his brother. Henry replies with pity for Morgan, "I'm sorry". Morgan tells him to "never be sorry". He goes to a bench and cries. Alden watches as a blood covered Rick walks by.


Jadis is back in her container room. She unpacks her luggage then lies down. Negan is in a car driving toward the Sanctuary. He sees someone he knows on the road, "who looks like shit". He picks them up and they drive to the Sanctuary. The guards are shocked to see him alive. He wants his return kept quiet...for now.

Daryl and Rosita are scouting the bullet factory. They see Eugene outside with buckets of bullet casings. Rosita says they won't take out the machines, just the "man". At Barrington House, Rick has cleaned up. He goes into his room and retrieves Carl's note. Michonne comes in. They express their love for each other. He begins to weep as he reads.


Negan summed this episode up beautifully with his "what the shit" comment. How was he found by Jadis? What's with her ridiculous contraptions to kill people? How was Negan, while tied up to rollers, able to get a gun and a flare? How could Negan let the helicopter question go unanswered? The Saviors have Rick, but inexplicably don't kill him or whisk him away to Negan. Morgan's dreary hallucinations continue. It's obvious that Neegan has found Laura on the road, thus ending Dwight's deception. Thankfully there are just two episodes left this season on AMC.

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